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    hanging over the fireplace

    All good ideas I bought a production run ML at gun show few years ago very good shape but one side of the gun was very dark and other side was very light color guess it was from the heat just saying my friend!!!
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    BP supplies at Wal Mart

    We have one Walmart in a neighboring county that in past every Christmas they remove all ammo an guns hard to find anything around here relating to ML besides few caps sometimes.
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    .45 Smoothy?

    Don't need anything bigger than a ..45 for small game just waste of shot and powder, Think like your ancestors!!!
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    BP supplies at Wal Mart

    In about a month they'll put them on sale keep watch couple years ago i picked up a dozen packs for .99 cents each
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    .45 Smoothy?

    Britsmoothy was one that inspired me i've killed lots squirrels and rabbits with .410 and 45 smooth is even better and i can shoot ragged hole at 33 yards hope to bag me a deer here in few more weeks!!!
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    .433 diam. round balls in 45

    I have a .45 smooth bore i shoot .433 with .010 patch an 60gr FFF i can start it with my thumb no short starter here don't need that extra step when you hunting dangerous game like squirrels but ive shot ragged holes with it at 33yards
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    Anyone here built a Sitting Fox kit?

    I built a setting fox kit last summer it was a one off germanic pennsylvania kit 45cal smooth bore i changed lot on it went more poor boy with it took top stock down to around 3'' drop no butt plate full buckhorn site shoots balls well i've shot ragged holes at 33 yards good for me an shoots...
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    .45 Cal Smoothie Ga?

    Well I've never done a string of shots to see, but I finished the gun just right after our muzzleloader season an wanted to get in the woods with it so I did two shots at 33 yards 60 gr 3f. Ten thousand patch mink oil off hand an the holes were touching that was good enough for me (real good for me)
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    .45 Cal Smoothie Ga?

    Thanks Clyde kinda thought that but what do I know
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    .45 Cal Smoothie Ga?

    I shoot a .433 round ball in mine, barrel little under sized it will shoot a .440 w .10 patch but very tight. To tight for hunting dangerous game so does that make mine a 57 or 51 ga
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    The talent, do you have it? Find out?

    I'm fixing to find out but pretty sure I can. I've done my own gun smithing for long time done mechanical work most my life, weld,turn wood ,metal, plow team or single horses I can go on but may run out ink. But mine will be a true barn gun turned one my old horse stables into a shop no...
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    Two short videos.

    That .45 is brutal on rabbits loved the videos
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    Cutting barrel down?

    I've got a TC TreeHawk .50 (Ugliest thing you ever saw) it measures 21" back to the snail haven't shot it a time or two so can't say it's a shooter but dandy to carry did I mention it was Ulgy :rotf:
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    .45 caliber smooth bore?

    Not to make things worse but I picked up an early penn .45 cal smooth bore rifle from Sittingfox couple weeks ago. I've read all Brittsmoothy post on his 45 an Just had to have one to chase bushy tails here in mtns. And like Brown Bear I've had good results with my old .410 it served me well.
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    Thanks for the info

    Well my three favorite places are Coopers creek wma, Blue Ridge wma (Rock Creek) what we call it. I can get to either place in abt 30 mins. My best place is out back door on usfs it's small area but it works for me. My squirrel dog flush a nice gobbler other day flew up into tree beside me...
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    Thanks for the info

    I plan on using my .32 as well unless a smoothbore falls out of the sky.
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    raising pattern

    Don't have horse in this race, but Thank you for the knowledge
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    .50 Cal Hawken Barrel Options?

    Thank you just what I wanted to hear
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    .50 Cal Hawken Barrel Options?

    I'm curious how effective a 28" smoothie would be for small game an how big bore on a 15/16 barrel
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    Traditions Crockett Rifle

    Yep there sure are fun to shoot, they must have got that iron out can run patch down barrel on mine slick as baby bottom. I don't use set trigger while hunting but used it time or two punching paper and ever so often I get light strikes on cap causing miss fire prob see L&R replacement in...