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    SOLD Lyman 57 SML Peep Sight

    Lyman 57 SML Peep Sight, came off a TC Hawken Rifle. $90 Shipped, Lower 48 Only, USPS MO only.
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    OHAUS .440" Round Ball Mold $50 Shipped lower 48 only, USPS MO only.
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    WITHDRAWN Lyman 45 Cal Maxi Ball Mold

    For sale Lyman 45 caliber Maxi Ball Mold. $75 shipped lower 48 only. USPS MO only
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    ID this Lock?

    Can you help me ID this lock? Thanks in advance
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    SOLD 58 CVA Mountain Rifle

    I have for sale a percussion ignition CVA Mountain Rifle in .58 caliber. The barrel is a slow twist for round ball and has been coned using the Joe Wood tool (used to be available here on the ML Forum) to allow thumb starting of the patched ball. I have always cut the patches at the muzzle which...
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    WANTED Information About Shipping Costs?

    I realize there are variables but for the sake of an average, what does it cost to ship a muzzleloader? $35?
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    CLOSED WTB 50 Cal Perc TC / IBS GM LRH Barrel

    Looking for a 50 cal percussion 15/16" TC / Green Mtn IBS LRH barrel. Fast twist, conical barrel.
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    Caywood Jug Choke Range Report

    Finally had a fairly wind free, nice day that coincided with a day off so I was able to get out for a bit and test the 12 GA Investarms "Gallyon" that Danny Caywood Jug Choked "Full" for me a while back. I have shot this gun after Jug Choking and was really pleased with the dramatic pattern...
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    Chambers Jug Choke results

    I recently bought an Investarms 12GA "Gallyon" percussion shotgun that according to the proof marks was Mfg in 1978 but I truly believe had never been fired. I tested it in anticipation of turkey hunting and was unsatisfied with the pattern (cylinder bore) even at 25 yards. I sent it off to Jim...
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    what is this error?

    My pictures from photo bucket show a place holder and just say update your account information to allow third party hosting. Is this a ML forum or P Bucket issue? Thanks
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    My 2016 Cow Elk

    I have been hunting the same area(s) for about the last 8 years, I believe. This is an OTC tag that I purchase when I don't draw a Bull tag (Never :). The cool thing is that the area is close to my home, muzzleloader only, antlerless only.This combination keeps the crowd down to a reasonable...
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    2015 Buck

    This is the buck I was fortunate enough to take last fall. It was a wonderful hunt, as good as I have ever had. I was alone and 1 1/2 miles from where I could get the truck to. There were 22 other deer in this herd I was fortunate to slip around. He was asleep, with his chin on the ground when I...
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    Partridge Gun Maker?

    Anyone heard of a gun stamped "Partridge"? I bought a percussion 20 ga with 38.5" barrel, pretty straight stock and a lock that extends behind the hammer like a SXS lock.....know nothing about it, any help would be appreciated. Thanks a ton.
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    2014 Hunts

    Been awhile since I posted. Still shooting my trusted .58 Thankful for the opportunities and priveleges we still have. ]Link[/url] ]Link[/url]
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    Recovered .570 Balls from Elk

    I recieved a request to post photos of the two .570 balls I recovered from the Cow Elk I shot this year. Sorry it took me so long. Data is as follows. 1) One shot from about 50 yards, one from a little over 100 yards. 2) Original unfired ball weight (sample) 282.6 grs. 3) Recovered ball...
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    2009 ML Elk

    I left yesterday morning at 3AM for a day hunt in a local unit for "muzzleloader only, antlerless only" Elk. I was in position well before first light,checked the thermals several times and chose a position to ambush a well used travel route from feedin to bedding areas. I didn't wait long after...
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    Durrs Egg Lock

    How many of you have, or have had a Durrs Egg lock? What is your opinion of them? Good or bad, particular quirks? I have one on my Fowler and am generally pleased with it, however, this is my first and only flintlock and have nothing to compare it to. Thanks, Idaho PRB
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    Powder in blue can?

    I was talking to a friend yesterday who used to do a lot of muzzleloader hunting in the late '70's to the late '80's and he told me he shoots real blackpowder 3F and the brand he shoots (purchased back then) comes in a blue can. He bought it across the counter years ago and the only place that...
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    Good deal on fiber cushion wads

    I bought some of these Cabela's wads I thought it was a good deal.
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    GPR's @ Sportsmans Warehouse

    For any of you in my area, I was in Sportsman's Warehouse Saturday and they had two Lyman GPR's in .54 caliber NIB for $299.00 each. That is less than I paid for the one I had, 4 years ago!