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    RWS #11's - AMCO Nipples?

    RWS #11's on Ampco Nipples (Uberti '51 Navy & '60 Army) - Good Fit/Results? Remington's getting hard to find, and not too happy w/CCI #11's....have to smack 'em twice - a lot... Haven't posted much for some time, for a lot of reasons - but I'm here by the Fire - every Day - you guys are a Port...
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    Accurate Molds - 1851 Navy & 1860 Army

    Hi All - Working with Uberti .36 1851 Navy & .44 1860 Army - any thoughts/comments/experience with the Accurate Mold Cap and Ball Bullet offerings in these Calibers? Have worked so far with the Lee and Eras Gone Molds, and of course Round Ball - looking to extend my Research.... Eric
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    Measuring Cylinder Gap 1851 Navy

    Hi all - What's the correct method for measuring Cylinder Gap on Uberti 1851 Navy?
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    Been some time since I contributed anything to the Forum; life has been Hectic. But I have kept a voyeuristic Eye on the Forum all along - checking in several times a week and seeing what's going on. Hope to contribute a bit more here and there in the Future - more later. Anyway, have always...
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    CVA Flask Spouts

    Just got a CVA Brass Cylinder Flask (stamped Italy) from a Friend. Need to get some Spouts for it. Does this Flask take the standard 10-1 Thread Spouts, such as offered by Track & others?? Tnx - Eric
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    Uberti Nipple/Cap Size

    After a (very) long Hiatus from the World of Percussion, I am fixin' to get back into it, and am rounding up supplies. What (Cap size) Nipple does the Uberti '51 Navy come with? Eric
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    Break Free vs Rem Oil

    Shot the Charleville 6 weeks ago. Cleaned per usual, and finished up with Rem Oil inside and out. Been using Break Free for general preservative for around 25 yrs - after some initial testing and research (plus running out of my Bulk Quantity Stash of Break Free) I made the switch to Rem Oil...
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    Mike Brines Target

    Didn't wanna Hijack Mike's thread re: OP Wads, but wanted to mention that I like the Triangle target. I find, for me anyway, that it seems easier to focus & line up on than the conventional round Bullseye, especially when shooting offhand. Thought it might be interesting to see what kind of...
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    Casehardening Cast Frizzen

    After about a thousand rounds the Frizzen Face on my Pedersoli Charleville is showing signs of getting a little tired. I've rehardened a couple of Frizzens, but they were off originals and that was long ago, using an Oxyacetylene torch & Kasenit. While I'm not a metallurgist, I know there's a...
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    Black on Patch

    When cleaning Pedersoli Charleville (plain tepid water - sometimes a few drops Murphy's - followed by dry patches - followed by BreakFree Patches for storage) no mater how clean the patches come out after the H20 cleaning, when I run the Break Free patch down it always comes out with black Jag...
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    FWIW - Just got newsletter email from Pedersoli, saying they have taken over Euroarms production of Civil War Muskets, and that they "are now being produced to our quality standards". They sent this link...
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    Horse Pistol Lock

    Finally got Barrel for Flint Horse Pistol Project. 12" - .69 smoothbore - Oct to Rd, with flats simply fading to round. This will be straightforward 18th Century Horse Pistol - something along the lines of a Rapp. Forge Pistol - no frills as I am just getting back into the Gunbuilding swing of...
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    Clay Pipes

    I know there's different vendors of Clay Pipes out there; anybody have any thoughts or recommendations? Mainly intertested in 17th/18th Century long stems... Eric
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    Safety Glasses

    Whether or not people choose to wear Glasses when shooting is there own Biz, but FWIW, here's a Shot of my Lowes Safety Glasses after today's 45 round session with musket: Most of these spots are at least partially melted/imbedded into the plastic, and won't come out. Eric
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    Ingot Molds

    Have a whole bunch of lead sheet (Shower pan) from a Customer's Bathroom renovation. Good Lead, but very dirty with residue from original installation, oxidation, etc. Gonna melt it down, flux and clean it, and then pour into ingots for future use. (Paul, I saw your post on pouring Ingots in...
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    Linen Patches

    After shooting up all my Paper Cartridges for the Charleville today, I did some work with Patched Balls. The .018 Ticking was pretty tight, but I have some .010 high quality linen given to me long ago, and had it in my Range Box. My experience with cotton patching this thin has never been that...
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    Stockade Shootum Up

    Some of you may have seen this, but it is amusing, and of no little interest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-pYy-fiXao Eric
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    Shooting Glasses

    I wear Sun/Safety Glasses when shooting; always have. The amount of burnt in schmutz and grime after a session with BigLock Musket is impressive, and I usually go through 2-3 pairs a season, since, unlike the old style glasses that were actually made of tempered safety glass, a lot of the the...
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    Gold Balls?

    Was casting Musket Balls a while ago. Pot was running low and I put in a section of thin-walled lead pipe I had; very clean, and very soft. Noticed a gold sheen on the dross, and the Balls came out with a distinctly golden hue. Any thoughts? Eric
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    Trying to find out the Colors of Cockades worn by the different Continental Army Units. Can anybody help? Eric