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    RWS #11's - AMCO Nipples?

    Thanx HillBilly. My main concern is if they're a good fit on the Ampco's I put on the Uberti Cap and Balls I have, which fir/work fine with Remington 10's & 11's. I've heard some say the RWS 11's are a good fit on Ampco's, but others say they may need a Pinch - which scares me. Only chainfire I...
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    RWS #11's - AMCO Nipples?

    RWS #11's on Ampco Nipples (Uberti '51 Navy & '60 Army) - Good Fit/Results? Remington's getting hard to find, and not too happy w/CCI #11's....have to smack 'em twice - a lot... Haven't posted much for some time, for a lot of reasons - but I'm here by the Fire - every Day - you guys are a Port...
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    Do you know what Gun this is?

    Reminds me of one of the many types sold by Stoeger back in the Day -
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    Miniature Cannon and cannon ball

    By Gum I knew it - I think I saw it way back when I was I was in Jr. High back in the later mid '60's. Left for the Army in '72 - so I know it was before that. I know I've said it before, but back then old Turner was a Voice in the Wilderness....
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    Miniature Cannon and cannon ball

    Didn't Dixie sell something like this way back in the Day?
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    Accurate Molds - 1851 Navy & 1860 Army

    Thanx Rodwa - Very interesting. Gonna look those patterns up, & will follow your progress with interest. Also Interested in his .36 Patterns - anybody have comments on those? EB
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    Accurate Molds - 1851 Navy & 1860 Army

    Thanx Rodwha - Am curious - which Designs were yours? I think he has almost every design he ever did in his catalog. How'd they work out?
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    Accurate Molds - 1851 Navy & 1860 Army

    Hi All - Working with Uberti .36 1851 Navy & .44 1860 Army - any thoughts/comments/experience with the Accurate Mold Cap and Ball Bullet offerings in these Calibers? Have worked so far with the Lee and Eras Gone Molds, and of course Round Ball - looking to extend my Research.... Eric
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    Buck n' Ball

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    Measuring Cylinder Gap 1851 Navy

    Thanks Guys. Got a Uberti London Model Navy a couple years ago, and got sidetracked after initial sessions, and am now trying to whip it into shape. No stranger to BP; in fact first BP Gun I ever purchased was a Replica Arms Walker when I was 16 in the late 60's. I worked all summer to save up...
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    Measuring Cylinder Gap 1851 Navy

    Hi all - What's the correct method for measuring Cylinder Gap on Uberti 1851 Navy?
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    Dixie brass mold

    Looks pretty good compared to Balls out of some other (primitive style) Brass Molds I've seen... Eric
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    Wow - Didn't know Rap Forge made them! Speaks volumes about how highly regarded they were at the time. I can see how a Continental or Militiaman might feel somewhat smug taking Pot-Shots from behind a pile of Split Rails, or from the Window of a Brick Farmhouse, as Musket Balls splattered...
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    Been some time since I contributed anything to the Forum; life has been Hectic. But I have kept a voyeuristic Eye on the Forum all along - checking in several times a week and seeing what's going on. Hope to contribute a bit more here and there in the Future - more later. Anyway, have always...
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    1803 Harper's Ferry

    What caliber is it, and what's it got for Rifling? Back in the day I got one of the Navy Arms Harper's Ferry's, which was made by Antonio Zoli. The Barrel was basically their .58 Cal with 3 Groove Shallow Minie Rifling, which actually shot a Round Ball surprisingly well. I replaced it with a...
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    Don Getz

    Boy - really sad. Great Guy - ruined my afternoon.... Eric
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    CVA Flask Spouts

    Thanx Guys....
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    CVA Flask Spouts

    Just got a CVA Brass Cylinder Flask (stamped Italy) from a Friend. Need to get some Spouts for it. Does this Flask take the standard 10-1 Thread Spouts, such as offered by Track & others?? Tnx - Eric
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    Original Colt 1851 navy!!!

    Ain't nuthin' like the Real Thing...
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    Patterson Colt

    I think Wes/Tex sums it up when asking why the Colt design was the one that came to Dinner & stayed - despite birthing Pains, it was indeed "Light Years ahead of anything else available at the time..."