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    T C Hawkins 12ga. barrel?

    Perhaps one of you can help me out. I have a 28" 12 gauge barrel, half octagon, half round. Maker is "Toledo Armas". Brand new,looks like it's never been fired. When I still had my TC the tang would fit but it was to tight to mount in the TC. tang needs to be filed a bit. Since I no longer have...
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    A powder horn from Antelope horn?

    Anyone ever build a priming horn or regular powder horn from an Antelope's horn? Do you treat 'em just like a cow's horn? Any ideas on how to get rid of that strong odor? Thanks all.
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    Advice on Austin & Halleck

    I purchased the A&H rifle I posted about on 08/10.Perhaps some of you folks could advise me on a few things. First, this is my first flinter and it's a purdy one. For a non-custom rifle it has beautiful curl and grain, browning is great so is fit and finish. It is the Mtn. rifle, 50 cal, 1/66 ...
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    Austin Halleck value?

    Hi all. My first post here. Perhaps you could lend some advice. A fellow has an Austin Halleck 50cal mountain rifle, flint. In new condition. What would be a 'fair' price to offer him? I've been shooting cap guns and want to try my hand at a flinter. Hope to build my own one day. Thanks for your...