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    SOLD Rogers & Spencer

    I'll take it!
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    New From Central Oregon

    Welcome, I'm in the N.E corner of our state, in the Grande Ronde valley.
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    Flash Cups

    A tea ball! Why didn't I think of that.
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    SOLD Great Plains Rifle .50

    Condorsp, did you receive my PM? Drainpipe1
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    SOLD Great Plains Rifle .50

    I'll take it, PM coming to you.
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    Great penetrating oil

    Should have had a olive with it:)
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    CLOSED Traditions 1860 .44 army

    Did you purchase this NIB? Is it a steel receiver?
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    SOLD 2 T/C Hawkens .50/.54

    I PM'd you an offer, let me know if you received it.
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    WANTED Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle under-rib/pipes

    So Track, and all the other sights are out of these items? If so make your own, a wood under rib can be beautiful. Pipes can be made from several different matterials. Go the the 'builder'. sight. Good luck
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    WITHDRAWN TC Renegade .50cal

    When you say: "bore is a might rough" does this mean it's pitted, almost worn out? Would some elbow grease rehabilitate it? Thanks
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    SOLD Pietta 1860 Colt for sale

    If everything functions the wat it should, I'll take it.
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    WANTED Want to buy cap and ball revolver

    Orin, If Frod doesn't want the Spencer I'd be interested.
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    SOLD TC Patriot .36

    PM me if it's still for sale.
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    FOR SALE 50 Cap & Ball Pistol Loading Tubes and Case

    Erwan, don't worry about your 'English' as we Americans don't speak it either:) When I write an email to France or Canada I send my original english along with an automatically interpreted one in French. If I knew how to PM you we could talk more on this subject.
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    How about some Horseradish?

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned how good the leaves of HR can be. Young ones in the Spring for your salads and more mature leaves later in the year fried up with other greens, stews are great.
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    Why are or aren't you an NMLRA member?

    I'm a life member of the NRA and prefeer to contribute on the side to them, they protect ALL of our firearms rights.