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  1. J

    Handmade Accessories

    Lovely work!
  2. J

    Lake Lure North Carolina

    Forgot to mention Chimney Rock State Park and the Biltmore Estate. Lots to do in the area. Our family spent summer vacations there for many years.
  3. J

    Lake Lure North Carolina

    Pisgah National Forest and Sliding Rock would be on the top of my list. There are also some interesting bits of mining history in the area.
  4. J

    .54 Renegade makes meat

    Fine looking animal and great photos. Well done!
  5. J

    Using A Sabot With .54 Renegade

    There is a company named Thor that offers full bore diameter copper projectiles for muzzle loaders.You might give those a look. They advertise as CA legal but best to check your local fish and game laws.
  6. J

    Made a good score on Speer round balls today.

    Nice! I like the Speer RB’s in both .50 and .54. The weight is consistent and they shoot well enough for my average marksmanship lol!
  7. J

    Twist rate for a short barrel?

    That turned out to be a slick little shooter! I really enjoy short guns, odd guns, non-typical stuff like this. Cool project! Interested to see how longer range testing works out.
  8. J

    what is your favorite style of rifle?

    I prefer the halfstock rifles during the time when popular preference was changing from flintlock to percussion. My favorite would be the Harper’s Ferry rifles.
  9. J

    First Hawken kit finished and first shoot

    You’ve done a lovely job! Great looking rifle.
  10. J

    First 200 yard 6 shot group

    I have seen his his posts and really enjoy them. Neither my skills nor my rifles are anywhere near his, but his stories do remind me to try a bit harder and practice more. Something to work toward. Frontier’s shooting is also great. There is a lot of skill and knowledge floating around this board!
  11. J

    First 200 yard 6 shot group

    Good shooting. Most people in my neck of the woods are the type that shoot modern muzzleloaders (only for the extra bit of deer of season) and swear up and down that no Hawken or long rifle could make that shot, much less take a deer at any more than 50 yards. Jeez, if they only knew, right?
  12. J

    12 gage Gallyon

    That case hardening on the lock is lovely.
  13. J

    Range report with 777, Pyrodex P and Goex fffg

    Wow! You mentioned substitute powders AND an India-made gun in the same post? You’re a brave man trying to anger the purists like that lol! On topic, I have shot with both regular Goex FFg and several different brands of substitute. I haven’t recorded velocities, but Pyrodex, 777, and the Jim...
  14. J

    Dream Reproductions

    A .58 with a 34” barrel would be awesome!
  15. J

    Trying to make a peep sight, should be easy.

    It is already very nice, but the sky is the limit for a project like this. Looks great so far and can’t wait to see more!
  16. J

    Dream Reproductions

    How about a proper and affordable Baker pattern rifle? And add another vote for the Root Revolvers, the Kerr Revolvers, and bringing back theRogers and Spencer.
  17. J

    Trying to make a peep sight, should be easy.

    Not sure what your disclaimer is for. The only thing that shows up on my screen is a very nice rifle. 👍
  18. J


    That’s a great idea and they look very well made. Well done!
  19. J

    Traditions Deerhunter - is it worth attempting to improve it?

    I think the Deerhunter is a perfectly fine gun for what it is. Not an hc/ pc piece, nor a custom gun, but a simple, functional, inexpensive introduction to the world of muzzle loading firearms. Many of us started on similar rifles and they do have their place. I’ve also found that I really enjoy...
  20. J

    Best Brand of Black Powder

    I agree that Swiss is excellent powder, but I mostly use Goex. I’m only a 30 minute drive from Dixie Gun Works and they usually have it in stock, occasionally on sale. Swiss can be gotten easily enough online. Check out www.grafs.com.