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  1. Winchester97

    Track of the wolf

    Fantastic place, have been totally satisfied with every purchase from them.
  2. Winchester97

    Sharpshooter cap maker

    Won't be long till they are, as most places are out of caps now. If not, they are asking $8-12 per tin locally,never would have guessed that one.
  3. Winchester97

    Sharpshooter cap maker

    Excellent, thanks. Mixing the Duco cement with acetone is a good idea to keep it in the cap.
  4. Winchester97

    Sharpshooter cap maker

    With the current situation with percussion cap availability, would anyone who has used this capmaker/priming compound please chime in on reliability, quality, does the compund stay seated?, etc. Anything you could share would be valuable.
  5. Winchester97

    Powder ?? Thompson Center Hawken 50

    I just bought some from Buffalo Arms, they offer a 10lb discount, after Hazmat fee, it was cheaper than here locally. It appears they have some instock yet.
  6. Winchester97

    Powder ?? Thompson Center Hawken 50

    FFg or FFFG real black powder is the way to go.
  7. Winchester97

    Your best deal acquiring a muzzleloader, either trade or purchase

    Got a 12ga pedersoli w/shot,wads,powder for $250, Hatfield .45 flintlock with powderhorn for $80 at a garage sale, and a couple tc's for $100. Always have my eyes peeled and a few bills tucked away just in case.
  8. Winchester97

    Just one more Kibler

    Finally figured out what my Kibler .36 SMR likes, and filed down the front sight to final height. .020 cut patch lubed with olive oil, 35g FFF Goex, lee .350 ball. Same results with some year old rendered coon oil.....but decided to try olive oil when I decided I was tired of the boiled coon...
  9. Winchester97

    Deer tallow!

    3 years ago, I shot a very plump doe. After skinning and butchering I kept a bunch of fat from the rump,ribs,and around the kidneys,etc. I rendered it down and got 3 quarts of nice white tallow. I have used it for candles, maxi ball lube, patch lube, excellent hard, good lathering lye soap, wad...
  10. Winchester97

    Just one more Kibler

    Cherry would be pretty nice, been thinking on that for my next one. I have never been so excited to open up a shipping box in my life. Enjoy!
  11. Winchester97

    Just one more Kibler

    Thankyou, I think a .45 smr is next on my list. I can barely wait to get it ordered, just trying to justify it in my head. Shouldn't take too long.
  12. Winchester97

    Just one more Kibler

    Thankyou, just saw your rifle a minute ago in your thread... Fine job! Really like that patchbox too. I will keep playing with the loads and patch material, I'm betting we should be getting one hole groups or close to it after figuring it out. Good luck in the field, going to try tomorrow myself.
  13. Winchester97

    Just one more Kibler

    You will love it. First I shot mine was yesterday, filed down the front sight today, then went hunting. I have about 50 shots through it with zero misfires/hangfires, same flint. I knapped the flint one time right before I went hunting. I am so used to my TC Renegade that eats flints fast, this...
  14. Winchester97

    Just one more Kibler

    I just completed my Kibler .36 SMR. It was absolutely fun from start to finish. The fitting of all parts was amazing, and overall quality A+ all around. Customer service was exceptional, I just can't say enough. I finished it with 2 coats TOW Aqua Fortis, and about 8 coats of Tru-oil, metal was...
  15. Winchester97

    Peep sight.

    I have one of the skinner barrel mounts as well as a few williams barrel mounts. I have found they work great with a larger aperture installed, or as a ghost ring with the aperture removed for hunting. I was skeptical being that far away from your eye, but no worries here.
  16. Winchester97

    2020 Cow Elk Hunt

    Fantastic story, well written and quite interesting. Congrats on the two cows. Makes Ohio seem so very boring.
  17. Winchester97

    Finishing options

    That looks excellent to my eye. What did you use for browning solution?