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  1. Winchester97

    Sharpshooter cap maker

    With the current situation with percussion cap availability, would anyone who has used this capmaker/priming compound please chime in on reliability, quality, does the compund stay seated?, etc. Anything you could share would be valuable.
  2. Winchester97

    Deer tallow!

    3 years ago, I shot a very plump doe. After skinning and butchering I kept a bunch of fat from the rump,ribs,and around the kidneys,etc. I rendered it down and got 3 quarts of nice white tallow. I have used it for candles, maxi ball lube, patch lube, excellent hard, good lathering lye soap, wad...
  3. Winchester97

    Just one more Kibler

    I just completed my Kibler .36 SMR. It was absolutely fun from start to finish. The fitting of all parts was amazing, and overall quality A+ all around. Customer service was exceptional, I just can't say enough. I finished it with 2 coats TOW Aqua Fortis, and about 8 coats of Tru-oil, metal was...
  4. Winchester97

    Tower lock Rifle rebuild

    So, I took a chance and bid on a rifle with intentions of having it rebored by Bobby Hoyt to a larger caliber. It was described as being a newer build with a Tower lock. Upon arrival, It looks like its possibly a very old .45 1" oct. barrel with Tower lock, roughly set in to a 1960's stock. The...
  5. Winchester97

    Accurate molds .40 maxi ball mold

    Has anybody tried an Accurate Mold in the .40 maxiball? Looks like they have 3 different ones on their site. I was able to find a good deal of info on the special order lee REAL .40 molds from the past, but nothing on the Accurate .40 maxi.
  6. Winchester97

    TC New Englander 12ga. Kit

    I came across an unopened New Englander kit in 12 Ga. Having a hard time deciding what to do on it, as I have never seen another in kit form. Does anybody know if its as rare as it seems, or am I ok just finishing it out as I had intended when I bought it a bit ago? I have seen several of the TC...
  7. Winchester97

    Hi, from Jeromesville,Ohio

    Hi, just joined up after lurking for some time. A great resource with valuable information galore. I have been shooting percussion guns for years, but just fell victim to the flintlock. I had brushed them off for years due to completely unfounded beliefs....until now. Thanks to a like-new .54...