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  1. Newtire

    Need a new lock

    I bought a nice slim .40 cal flint gun awhile back and finally got around to shooting it. The tumbler and lockplate hole are both worn to where the hammer (cock sounded too funny-sorry)is wobbly and I can see light between the parts. I can find no markings on the gun and it wasn't even finished...
  2. Newtire

    Mowrey .50 cal. Fast twist.

    I bought a rather nice looking Mowrey .50 cal. I don't know that they made any different kinds except for the sidekick "Ethan Allen" type, which is what it is. Aside from all this, my real problem is that it has a 1-30" twist for conicals. The rifling however is deep cut like a round ball...
  3. Newtire

    Japanese Brown Bess identity question.

    Hi, Probably posted somewhere already so sorry if this is just a repeat. I have a Brown Bess "replica" that is marked Japan. Question is, Does this mean that it is made by Miroku? Any ideas or a link (still working) that would tell me more about identifying this beast? Any help would be...
  4. Newtire

    Hello from Star, Idaho

    I got my first muzzleloader after seeing Jeremiah Johnson when it first came out. It was a T/C "Hawken" kit in .50 cal. Later, inherited my Great Grandpa's .38 Sheutzen and bought a Navy Arms Poor Boy in .36, a little CVA .410 double barrel and a few old original muzzleloader shotguns...