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  1. dsayer

    CO Fires

    My Plans A and C spots are currently either on fire or included in a fire closure area. Thank goodness for Plans B and D-F!
  2. dsayer

    Been a while...

    Good luck!
  3. dsayer

    Been a while...

    28, 37, 371. Either sex.
  4. dsayer

    Is there a current shortage of black powder arms?

    Had a hard time finding #11 caps the other day. Found a good supply at a local shop and almost wiped them out. I left a few tins behind so I wasn't "that guy"...
  5. dsayer

    Draw hunts!

    Good luck to everyone this fall. I'm heading back to my old stomping grounds in Colorado with an either sex muzzleloader tag. Units 28, 37, and 371.
  6. dsayer

    Been a while...

    Hey everyone! You probably haven't noticed but I haven't been around the site much lately. Lots of going on to say the least... I'm gearing up for elk season in Colorado and just wanted to share a couple pictures and a short video from my range session this morning. Turn the volume on for the...
  7. dsayer


    I have an old nipple with a piece of pencil eraser jammed onto it that I use expressly for this purpose. I would guess I dry fire my rifle 100 times for each time I live fire it.
  8. dsayer

    What is the best nipple?

    I'm always the guy that has never had good luck with Hot Shot nipples on my Cabela's rifle. I get the most reliable ignition with the nipples from the Lyman website, CCI Magnum #11 caps, and real BP. I've got a couple Hot Shot nipples sitting in my box if you want them...
  9. dsayer

    Go figure....

    Do as I say, not as I do!! Great lesson to teach the new hunter.
  10. dsayer

    Go figure....

    I drove to the property I hunt a couple weeks ago and forgot everything. My rifle, pack, blaze orange, jacket... Literally everything I need to hunt. Luckily I'm only about 25 minutes from where I hunt so I just ran back home real quick and still got in a good hunt.
  11. dsayer

    First Alabama buck

    Not currently. Rifle was still setup for my elk hunting load, which is 100gr Graf's FFG under a 380gr Lee REAL.
  12. dsayer

    First Alabama buck

    No, the place you're talking about is about 1.5 hours south of me. I've e-scouted it but haven't put boots on the ground there yet. Looks really promising though and it is only open to archery, muzzleloader, and shotgun hunting.
  13. dsayer

    First Alabama buck

    I'm also confident that he died quickly based on the amount of blood in the cavity and it was clear he didn't thrash around or anything where he was laying. It was just difficult for me to see exactly where he went after the shot since there were multiple deer and, ya know, smoke. Here's a...
  14. dsayer

    First Alabama buck

    Cahaba River WMA.
  15. dsayer

    Gonna give it a try this season!

    Congrats!! I was reading through all the excellent advise you were getting from everyone hoping there would an update from you at the end!!
  16. dsayer

    Blood trail follow up

    I started to post a question about the lack of a good blood trail in the other thread with my Alabama deer but figured it might be better as a stand alone topic. I was using my elk hunting load this deer season because I didn't have time to get to the range enough to dial in a PRB load, which I...
  17. dsayer

    First Alabama buck

    Thanks everyone!! I've never been so happy to find a deer. Was really convinced I had wounded and lost him.
  18. dsayer

    2019 muzzle loader deer.

    That is awesome! Heck of a shot.
  19. dsayer

    opening day 8

    Congrats! Alabama eh? Maybe we ought to meet up sometime. I just moved to Bham in January.
  20. dsayer

    MN buck with smoke pole

    Congrats! Looks like a big bodied deer!!