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  1. OrneryOaf

    Belgium Colt

    Gents, I got a nice score a few years ago at a pawn shop but dont know a lot about them. Its a Belgium made 1860 percussion pistol. Im used to the uberti and pietta as i shot them in sass. This one I've never shot as i read on the internet it was a special, made on colt tooling? Got the colt...
  2. OrneryOaf

    New guy

    greetings, Sorry, I was remiss in not introducing myself. I'm from SW ohio/dayton/Cincinnati area. New to muzzleloading but not black powder shooting. I shot with the Big Iron Rangers in Middletown until my schedule changed and Saturdays are impossible now. I plan on shooting muzzleloaders in...
  3. OrneryOaf

    Dow rod question

    gents, Quick question. Gonna grab a couple hickory rods for range and field. Got a .54 percussion rifle that I know uses .530 balls. What size rod do you guys recommend? 5/16, 3/8 or even 1/2.... any better than another? Gonna try to get a muzzle protector as well if I need to Thanks