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  1. pipascus

    Same Caliber For Rifle and Fusil?

    Howdy! My Mark Silver rifle is a .58 caliber. I was looking at TOTW Fusil de Chasse kit and it's available in a .58 as well. Would it be a good idea to get the Fusil in .58? My original idea was in .62/20g but just thinking if it would be a good idea to be able to use the same ball mold. New...
  2. pipascus

    I Need Balls!

    Good afternoon gentlemen! I need to determine what ball size to use before getting a mold for my Mark Silver rifle from Jim Chambers. The rifle is .58 Caliber. Anyone know where I can get some balls of a few sizes to try out, and what sizes? I figure maybe 5-10 of three sizes? Thank you!
  3. pipascus

    Kit vs Scratch

    So I still need to finish my Mark Silver rifle from Jim Chambers. Have been so busy I haven't even built the bench to hold it yet, but soon... Regardless, once I finish this rifle, I want to build a Fusil de Chasse, probably one for a friend first, then one for me. Trying to weigh the pros and...
  4. pipascus

    Tomahawk Touch-up and Handle Material

    Looking to replace the handle on my Cold Steel tomahawk. I have some oak, I think white oak. Would that work, or is it too brittle? I did the carving below on the original handle with my Swiss Army Knife years ago, but the handle cracked and split with regular use. Also, any examples/advice...
  5. pipascus

    Just rambling... about bears and shelter and just thinking...

    Never been trekking, though I have been hiking. Some thoughts are... I'd like a tent. I know the lean-to is more period correct, but I don't like the idea of a snake or other critter in by bedroll. Also, the idea of a bear. Maybe it's silly, but I already had a bear poke its nose against my...
  6. pipascus

    Canoe Alternatives

    Just wondering what you all use for doing a trek on the water. Was looking at the imitation birchbark canoes bit at over $3,000 that's just way too much. Modern canoe would look sort of silly. All I can think of is making one of those French Bateaus. Any other options or ideas?
  7. pipascus

    Fusil de Chasse of love

    I am looking at getting a fusil de chasse in the near future. Looking at the Track of the Wolf kit. I'd likely go with the iron because that's more authentic. Curios that they offer a threaded barrel. I have been tempted to go for that, but seems a travesty. I am about to get back on my Mark...
  8. pipascus

    What size balls? And does silk work?

    Hello, I have a .58 caliber Mark Silver rifle from Jim Chambers. Can anyone advise as to what size balls I should shoot in it, as well as a mold? I'd like to get a bullet mold for it, but don't want to get the wrong size. Also, does a silk patch really add accuracy and range, or is that a myth...
  9. pipascus

    Back to old kit, work stand, and advice...

    Hello! So I've been away a long time and am hoping to finally,get back to finishing my rifle and go trekking etc. Back in 2006 I purchased a flintlock kit: a Mark Silver rifle from Jim Chambers. I fit the barrel and lock, as well as the trigger (though it still needs work), did some carving...
  10. pipascus

    Rifle Builder Help

    Hello. Been away for a while. I've had a Mark Silver rifle for about 3 years now that I have not been able to finish. :surrender: Does anyone have a recommendation as to who may be able to finish it for me? I just don't have much time to finish it. I want to get the following done: fit swipe...
  11. pipascus


    Here are a few knives I got. Want to convert them into F&I period looking more or less, for me and for a couple of friends. Any suggestions/opinions about handles/materials designs? Thank ye! :hatsoff:
  12. pipascus

    Witney Blanket

    Opinion: Is buying a used Witney Blanket worth it? I intend to use it for trekking and it is $90 with a hole near center smaller than a dime. Rest of it is perfect. Just wondering if it's worth getting a used one.
  13. pipascus


    Hello everyone. Been away for a while and now am living in Colorado. I am still stuck with the trigger on my Jim Chambers Mark Silver Virginia Rifle!!! It's driving me NUTS! :surrender: I see there are videos, like the Ron Elhert one, but they seem to cover other trigger systems, not the...
  14. pipascus

    Trigger Install

    My Jim Chambers Virginia Rifle project is on hold because I can't figure out how to properly install the trigger. I have drilled three holes for the pin and don't want to continue. I got the trigger in, but it just doesn't make sense because the pull is tremendous. I was told to cut/file the...
  15. pipascus

    Virginia Rifle Progress

    Here are some pictures of the progress of my Virginia Rifle. Here's the barrel getting the front sight dovetail by Barbie Chambers at the Chambers workshop: A few pictures of the rifle on the bench just before getting started: The tang after shaping: The tang before bending: And here...
  16. pipascus


    I'm trying to inlet the octagon/swamped barrel into the stock (J. Chambers MS Virginia)[yes: breechplug is removed]. I keep scraping and checking and scraping and checking, but it just doesn't seem to go all the way in. It'll often fall to one side. :cursing: Anyone: How can you tell whe the...
  17. pipascus


    Other than checking for those nasty little things, what else do you do to keep ticks off while trekking? I have only been bitten by a tick once, and that was a week and a half ago while sitting at the baseball stadium watching the Durham Bulls.
  18. pipascus


    I just got, and am building, a Jim Chambers Mark Silver Virginia Rifle in .58. How important is it to stick to a precise style? Is it about the basic lines, leaving room for personal enterpretation, or is it about rigidly following a particular maker's design? How much leeway for personal...
  19. pipascus

    Got It!!!

    Well I visited Jim Chambers on Monday to try out some rifles and, after looking at several, decided on the Virginia. I got to see some originals and hold a 1750s pistol too (WOW!!!). They had everything but the barrel but, as luck would have it, Mr. Rice arrived just as I was about to go with a...
  20. pipascus


    Speaking of them scallywags: Anyone here ever do Pyrate Reenactment? I think that'd be a fun thing to do!