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    Navy Arms “Hawken Hunter” .58 Cal

    Anyone have one of these .58 Cal Hawken Hunter’s made by Navy Arms? I bought this rifle last year in a Pawn shop, it belonged to the owners friend whom had passed away, the Rifle was Brand new unfired. It is a 3 Groove 1:60 Twist, I need to get this Gun out and Try Some Patched Roundball in it...
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    Barrel Leading

    I did a Video this morning showing Why i feel the importance of an Over Powder Wad, To show that when you Load a Lead bullet directly on top of the Powder that it will Lead your Barrel, It has done this with me EVERY time i have tried it, I admit that i haven’t done it that much simply because...
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    Rice “Drop in” Barrel Review (Video)

    My final review of my new Rice “Drop in” .45 Cal Barrel.
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