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  1. LeRoy 58

    2019 Alberta Elk Hunt

    Good luck to you WalkingEagle! I am so jealous of you and your crew. I live in Mannville, AB. now. Previously lived in Edgerton. We used to go up to Whitecourt and the Virginia hills back in the day, but most of our crew, have gone on to greener pastures, and work has left me with no time. I am...
  2. LeRoy 58

    Importing MLs

    I have brought in more than a dozen Colt, Remington, and S&W revolvers, all antiques of course. Have also had cartridge Sharps and Remingtons', as well as a percussion Sharps. Again all antiques. Only had a problem with a Remington-Hepburn in 40-50 cal. As far as the rules go, is, you may have...
  3. LeRoy 58

    Oregon Historical Gunmakers' Guild giveback... So, for the convenience of handling the rifles in close quarters, he would have had the 42" barrels shortened by six or eight inches and had the bore enlarged from .49 caliber to .54 caliber. Lewis does mention "short" rifles several places in the...
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