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  1. OldNo7

    I Took a Beautiful "Cougar" Home Yesterday.........

    I Took a Beautiful "Cougar" Home Yesterday......... Luckily, it wasn't a large feline -- or the female human variety either... ;) But she is rather pretty! I used to have a nice T/C Hawken but sold it off when a shooter at the club made me one of those "can't refuse" offers. I wasn't...
  2. OldNo7

    Civil War Kepi -- for Winter Wear?

    I won't be reenacting, per se, but as my twin wants me to run in a "Primitive Biathlon" again this winter, I'll be dressing as a Union First Sergeant and running with him. He typically will dress in French and Indian War style, using one of his many French arms. For me, the Civil War is of...
  3. OldNo7

    Images from $20 "Wifi" 5mm Borescope/Endoscope

    The images below were taken this evening from a $20.00 ebay endoscope; the main difference versus a $14.00 one I got 4 years ago (off ebay), besides the price, being that this one is WiFi and easily connects to your Smart Phone. It has a 90-degree mirror, a small hook to maybe pull something...
  4. OldNo7

    Neat Antler Priming Flask

    Yes, I do need to shoot my JP McCoy flintlock more, but it's still been fun to pick up some neat accessories for it. Awhile back, I got a flashhole pick and brush made from deer antler tines, so I've been looking for other items to match. I just got this small Antler Pricing Flask from TOM A...
  5. OldNo7

    Colt 1860 Army -- Firing pictures

    My nephew lost his Dad (my BIL) back in May and as he's taken an interest in shooting, I've taken him out several times since then. First with 22s and much time spent on safety and care/maintenance, then with 9mms and Magnums. The other day, he wanted to try his hand at blackpowder with a...
  6. OldNo7

    Blanket Rifle Case and Short Starter Holster changes

    For those who enjoy the satisfaction of making changes to or upgrading their gear, I'll post these images of some work I just did. I got a long brown-striped blanket rifle case for a great price on Etsy and liked how the colors complemented the brown stripes of the straps for my powder horn and...
  7. OldNo7

    Upgraded to a Nicer Flintlock: "JP McCoy" .45 cal

    A few years back I started messing around with an inexpensive flintlock and posed the question whether it would be Fun or Frustration? (click for old link). Over time, it turned out to be both -- it was "fun" to tinker with to try and improve its reliability, but it was also "frustrating" when...
  8. OldNo7

    Correct Use of a Knapping Hammer

    Long-time percussion shooter here, getting back into the trial & tribulations with a flintlock after a couple of years hiatus... Believing that there is "No such thing as a stupid question other than the one 'not' asked...", I'll put this question out there for replies, as I'm thinking the...
  9. OldNo7

    1860 + 1862 + Memorial Day = ........

    1860 + 1862 + Memorial Day = A Great Afternoon at the Range After I had properly paid my respects to the fallen this Memorial Day this morning, it was time to proceed to the range and make some smoke this afternoon... It was a driz-mal afternoon here in Maine -- drizzly, with dismal gray skies...
  10. OldNo7

    Met "Mr Flintlock" and "Shine" at the Ancient Ones Show (Maine)

    My twin brother (aka "Flint62Smoothie") and I attended the "Ancient Ones of Maine" blackpowder/primitive Gun Show in Augusta, Maine on Saturday. We had a great time, and I got everything that was on my list, and then some. As a newbie "flinch-lock" shooter (as I've not yet progressed to the...
  11. OldNo7

    Inexpensive Flintlock: Fun, or Frustration?

    I think we all have guns we dream about, or guns we’ll get sooner or later, and sometimes we get lucky and those two combine to our benefit. For some reason, the gun that is calling out to me lately is an inexpensive flintlock... I saw it in a local gun shop several weeks ago after an...
  12. OldNo7

    T/C Hawken, with Round Ball Barrel

    I've got a few questions about a nice used T/C Hawken with the "Round Ball" barrel... A local shop is selling a used .50 cal Hawken with said barrel, but the price is easily $150 over what these are typically selling for... The seller won't drop any lower, as the Hawken is in very good shape...
  13. OldNo7

    Hole Sizes for Loading Blocks

    I've tried various search combinations, but can't find a post listing the recommended hole sizes for loading blocks. :surrender: I give up, and need some help... Is there one here "somewhere"? Thanks! Old No7
  14. OldNo7

    Holster for 1862 Pocket Police?

    I must be looking in the wrong places, so I surrender to this board and am looking to you for assistance... :surrender: Can anyone recommend a source for a decent leather holster that fits the Colt 1862 Pocket Police? Thanks all. Old No7
  15. OldNo7

    Old Army Modifications (long post)

    Hello all: I previously posted these Ruger Old Army Modifications on another forum where they were well received. Sorry this post is so long (putting all 5 Mod’s on 1 post), but I figured that some members here would like to see them too. Let’s start off with”¦ Mod #1, Target Front Sight I...
  16. OldNo7

    OT: Why we call 'em FLINCH-Locks!

    My hat's off to anyone who can shoot a flintlock well! Or good even... As for me, Thank God for percussion caps, metallic cartridges -- and Jack Daniel's!!! :hatsoff: This series of pictures is of my identical twin brother shooting his new .69 caliber smoothbore flintlock... Wow!!! What an...
  17. OldNo7

    Loading Stand for a TC Patriot

    Y'all have one lying around not being used, or know of anybody or any place that carries the wooden Loading Stand for the long-out-of-production T/C Patriot pistol? I guess I could always make one too, but time is precious, so I figured I'd see if I can find one first. Old No7
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