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  1. 52Bore

    COVID-19 cancels TN Creedmoor 150 & Sgt. York

    After the CDC came out last week recommending groups/gatherings <50. Upcoming Matches are being cancelled for this year.
  2. 52Bore

    Colorado Match - June 19-21

    NMLRA Terriroiral in Colorado was posted on their FB page..
  3. 52Bore

    New Years Day - woods walk

    NMLRA is hosting a New Years Day Woodswalk at Friendship. Weather looks good, I’m too far away for a day trip. Guest fee is $1 for the day membership.
  4. 52Bore

    Youth - our future

    Glad to be a member and see this... Wish I live closer..
  5. 52Bore

    Whitworth (2) visit today

    I enjoy seeing the insides of British Best pieces as much as the outside.. took lots of photos for an upcoming article. Good to visit with old friends. C-series, Military Match Rifle Lock out of the cases Military.
  6. 52Bore

    Hawken History Classic

    Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Jake & Sam Hawken. Like the ‘Creedmoor 150’, the NMLRA just announced in the September issue of Muzzle Blast - another series of rifle matches as well as Living History as part of the event. Pulled this from their website, under ‘News’. Their official...
  7. 52Bore

    NMLRA Hawken Exhibit and Seminar

    Just FYI. Bob spent most of his life in WY. Mark is Tom Dawson's grandson.
  8. 52Bore

    Short Barrel Hawken

    Reading MB magazine and another of probably 1/2 dozen articles on Hawken (Sam & Jake) rifles written over the past 1.5-2 years; this article on short barrel Hawken's, less than 30" and author describes why/how they are different than other Hawken's. The author has even reproduced copies of some...
  9. 52Bore

    58 cal 3-groove

    Picked up a 58 (.577") oct blank (NOS) that had an interesting bore. Anyone know of a relatively modern ML repo that utilized a 3-groove bore? land/groove widths are equal distance.
  10. 52Bore

    NMLRA new YouTube Videos

    I hope this is the correct place? I just learned that the NMLRA has and will continue to put together some YouTube videos. So far I am really impressed and glad to know many as well as learn from what they are saying. I was able to access thru the website, scroll about 1/2 way down to...
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