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  1. jim bowie

    FOR SALE Obsidian knife

    Here's another beautiful piece. Great colors 100$
  2. jim bowie

    FOR SALE Very large Texas Flint knife

    Gotta be my favorite, this is a work of art. All hand made signed by the artist. 135$ tyd
  3. jim bowie

    FOR SALE Hand knapped translucent obsidian knife 100$

    100$ tyd priority mail, pay pal, square, USPS money order. Silver bullion, trades up down or sideways etc
  4. jim bowie

    FOR SALE Here's a beautiful hand knapped glass knife 100$

    Yep it's glass ,spear point
  5. jim bowie

    FOR SALE Hand knapped obsidian knife

    Here's another asking 100$ tyd
  6. jim bowie

    FOR SALE Texas Flint jaw bone knife

    This is a whitetail deer jaw with hand knapped Texas Flint. The artist is a friend of mine. Asking 125$ on this one. Shipping on me priority mail conus. Thanks for looking
  7. jim bowie

    SOLD Hand knapped Obsidian#2

    Here's another hand knapped striped Obsidian. another work of art. tyd $120 this has vertical stripes when held to a light guess I didn't get a pic of that.
  8. jim bowie

    SOLD Hand knapped Obsidian

    This one is beautiful rather rare striped obsidian. Hold it to the light and it is translucent showing the stripes . $120 shipped tyd
  9. jim bowie

    SOLD Hand knapped Chert

    Here's another. This is made from local Chert. $100 shipped tyd
  10. jim bowie

    SOLD Hand knapped hand made knife

    Friend of mine makes these here in central Texas. This one is completely hand made including the pitch holding the blade to the handle. Hand stitched sheath. This one is Austin gray Flint from Austin Texas area. Yes it's sharp. $120 shipped tyd priority mail. I take PayPal
  11. jim bowie

    SOLD 1860 army fluted sheriff

    Pietta .36 Nickle plated grip frame. Everything works as it should . nipples easily removed . Finish is a little lacking but this is a great shooter so you don't wear out your good one, great loaner gun don't let your brother in law trash your good gun. $195 pulus shipping.
  12. jim bowie

    SOLD Belgian shotgun

    I've never seen another one of these. It has Belgian marks .12 guage, I've shot this and it works fine but rather heavy. Somebody did a hatchet job on the eagle inlay but a TC patchbox would cover it with some decent inletting. I've resisted the urge to shorten the barrels. They are quite thick...
  13. jim bowie

    SOLD Great plains pistol.54

    Here's a nice pistol , very clean and shoots just fine, quite accurate. Yours for $260 plus shipping. Check out the pictures.
  14. jim bowie

    FOR SALE CVA .45

    This would make a great project , works fine as it is but I've seen some really nice shortened versions of this. Probably from a kit. $120 plus shipping.
  15. jim bowie

    Howdy from Central Texas.

    Greetings and salutations. Got my name changed was previously Fatcat now Jim Bowie. I suppose that is appropriate as I hail from the Republic of Texas and I create some really nice knives. Good to be back I look forward to hours of interesting reading and exchange of ideas on this forum.
  16. jim bowie

    old t/c barrel, fresh out? make smoothie? trash it?

    Got an old t/c barrel 15/16 .50, dark bore. Really was just experimenting with browning on an old barrel,tuned out a real pretty chocolate brown,now I'm sorry I didn't start with a good barrel or fix this one prior to finishing it. What now? Can I bore this out to a smoothie if so how? And how...
  17. jim bowie

    early 58 rem import unknown proof Mk?

    I recently acquired an early 58 rem ,1970 ,XXVI,imported byFIE. Its got a three digit serial number and is cased. The makers proof is faint but appears to be a B in a box. The hammer is serrated rather than checkered consequently I'm leaning toward pietta style rather than uberti . Anyone know...
  18. jim bowie

    fullstock hawken t/c parts

    As i have only assembled 1 rifle (a simple cva kit) i dont want something so technical i get discouraged. So im thinking id like to restock a t/c hawken with a pecatonica fullstock 98%inletted stock. Im not crazy about the brass hardware on the t/c, is there a resource that supplies steel...
  19. jim bowie

    breech plug reinstall how toli

    I need to reinstall a breech plug,i didnt remove it, problem is the flats dont line up,it goes slightly past where it should. Someone suggested i shim it but that doesn't sound right to me any ideas?
  20. jim bowie

    sites/gemmer/hawken relationship

    Im also interested in the relationship between j p sites and jp gemmer my understanding is j p gemmer learned gunsmithing from j p sites prior to his take over of the hawken works in st louis. If anyone has a 1939 copy of "arms collectors of the united states",by captain virgil ney. id sure...
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