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  1. Jamie from Alberta

    WANTED TC Hawken barrel rib w/screws and thimbles

    I'm in Canada but looking for the under barrel rib that supports the thimbles and ram-rod. I'll need the thimbles too. Thanks in advance. Jamie
  2. Jamie from Alberta

    Ball seating question?

    So ever since I got hooked onto traditional (early 2000’s) I read lots on the how to’s with this new to me concept. One thing that has me scratching my head is ball seating (even conical as I’ve seen). I ram the ball down the bore until I feel it touch the powder and stop. I do give a slight...
  3. Jamie from Alberta

    Virgin Thompson Center .54 Hawken

    I walked into LGS in Regina Saskatchewan Canada looking for Williams FP sights for Marlin 444 and walked out with a brand new TC Hawken in 54 cal. Pre-QLA too. Standard 1:48 twist. As soon as I saw the price tag :sok2 I said “ya I’ll take it”. I don’t even know if I want to shoot it its so new...
  4. Jamie from Alberta

    .58 barrel arrived

    Well a trip to the post office today and no sooner was I back home dropping my new 58 bbl into my 54 TC Hawken. Weather forecast show's -7 Celsius for Friday with flurries but that won't stop me from taking this baby out and making smoke!! Here's a pic laying beside my TC Hawken .50 BTW, The...
  5. Jamie from Alberta

    Green Mountain .58 barrel for TC Hawken

    Hey, I just bought a drop-in a.58 cal G.M. barrel that is 1:70 twist, 32" long, 1" accross the flats to replace my .54 cal barrel. Anyone have the same set-up? Anyone have a hunting story they can share? I look forward to reading what you have to say, Thanks :)
  6. Jamie from Alberta

    Finally, 1st trad blackpowder deer

    Shot this brute today, Nov 11 2015 with my kit build Lyman GPR .54 cal. Lee .535 cast rb 80grs Goex FFFG Ox-Yoke .015 lubed patch My hunting mate and I took our quads out to a spot that a truck would'nt be able to get into. I found a rub, parked my quad in the bushes and followed the path next...
  7. Jamie from Alberta

    My new percussion /flintlock

    Well it seems that enough sighs and hints finally paid off. You see my big Bro had an extra Pedersoli Frontier in 50Cal percussion that wasn't being used. After several chats he finally gave in and said if I can get a flintlock action from somewhere he'll give me his spare percussion Frontier...
  8. Jamie from Alberta

    TC Firestorm for Christmas

    There it was all nicely boxed up and placed under the tree. I've always wanted one regardless of how modern it looked and operated. I'm extremely overjoyed and can't wait to make some smoke with this puppy. PS: I placed it under the tree the eve before but I still acted suprised as I did when I...
  9. Jamie from Alberta

    TC Renegade flintlock

    I just bought one of these in 50 cal and was wondering who else has one . How do you like it and what should I watch out for. T.I.A.
  10. Jamie from Alberta

    Cabela's flintlock 50

    Anyone have any experience they'd like to share with this model. I understand that they are an Investarms muzzleload and this one in particular closely resembles the Hawken style bp gun. There is one for sale in the classifieds up here on a Canadian forum. He/she is asking $425 obo. Thx in advance.
  11. Jamie from Alberta

    TC 58 Big Boar

    Well its been quite some time but I finally got my hands on one these and I must say I am pleasantly happy. I actually missed this very one 3 yrs back when it popped up on the classifieds. I was contemplating on it 2 seconds too long and someone else nabbed it. Well that very same person offered...
  12. Jamie from Alberta

    New Lyman Trade Rifle .50 perc

    Just picked this up. Its still in the mail but looks too be in fairly good condition. The previous owner said it was for his Son who grew out of it.
  13. Jamie from Alberta

    My new Pedersoli. 32 Frontier

    Took my new flintlock shooting today for my first time ever. I was limited to 15 yds. My first four shots were about 4" low and fired off a rest using 30grs Goex fffg and of course 4f for the priming pan. The next three shots were from the kneeling with 40grs of powder and aimed at the top of...
  14. Jamie from Alberta

    Percussion or Flintlock

    Well its time for yet another frontstuffer and this time in a long awaited .32cal. It will be a Pedersoli but I can't decide on whether a Frontier flinter or a Pennsylvania Dixie percussion? I'm unsure if I'm ready to jump into the flintlock waters yet?
  15. Jamie from Alberta

    My TC New Englanders

    Well I've mentioned this on other forums about my small collection of N.E. muzzle loaders I've obtained over the last short while. The 1st was a .50 with blued bbl & synthetic stock (Dec '12 purchase)next was a long awaited for .54 Grey Hawk (Jan '13 purchase which btw came with a crap load of...
  16. Jamie from Alberta

    New (to me) TC New Englander 12 gauge

    I'm pretty excited as this muzzleloader is in extremely good condition, just the odd "safe kiss". I downloaded the TC Shooter Manual and they provide some loads. Does anyone who owns of these have a favored load and/or hunting story they'd like to share. I can't wait to shoot this baby and take...
  17. Jamie from Alberta

    TC Maxi-Ball

    I just aquired a .54/ 430gr TC Maxi Ball mould that came with several other black powder items (I mentioned this in my Maxi-Shok thread) and cast up some from pure lead. Now I've never fired a Maxi ball or Plains bullet from any of my muzzleloaders, just Lee REAL's and round ball so I dont know...
  18. Jamie from Alberta

    TC Maxi Shok

    Well i just picked up a TC Grey Hawk in .54 recently and with it came a crap load of shooting accesories as shown in the picture; Not seen on the pic were 1 & 3/4 lbs of Pyrodex RS and a flask full of same powder (the other 1/4), possibles bag,full carton of 1000 No.11 caps and 5 quick loads...
  19. Jamie from Alberta

    GM barrel 15/16 into 1"

    Hi guys n gals, I have a TC .54 Hawken which measures 1" width and 3/8's accross the flats. A fella is selling a Green Mtn bbl IBS in .32 that fit his TC .50 Hawken that measures 15/16 and 3/8. Will this still fit?
  20. Jamie from Alberta

    Lyman Plains Pistol kit complete

    This is my 2nd Lyman kit build, a .54 cal Lyman Plains pistol (1st was a .54 GPR). It took just under a month on and off with most of the work being the brass trigger guard which will eventually be blackened. I put 3 coats of dark walnut stain and 6 coats of True oil. Barrel & metal parts were...
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