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    Recommendation on Guided Hunt for Deer or Elk in MT or WY

    A buddy of mine and I are thinking of going to either MT or WY to hunt deer and/or elk (undecided at the moment) in 2020. I live in San Diego CA and he lives in OR where we’ve been doing our hunting, so no way to do the scouting necessary prior to opener. Plus, we’re both a little past our...
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    WANTED Thrashed Octagonal Barrel

    I’m looking for an octagonal barrel I can use to practice cutting dovetails, etc. I’m doing a Hawken kit now and will move up to a move difficult kit when this one’s done. So looking for something to work on.
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    Set Trigger Repair - Investarms Hawken

    Good evening, I have a small challenge. I now have two double set triggers for this rifle and neither really works. Does anyone know a resource who can work on these?
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    Hello from San Diego

    Now that I posted I should introduce myself. I'm pretty new to BP and am having a great time since last November. I bought one Hawken from Cabela's and am building another from a very old kit. This is certainly different from centerfire. I actually entered a couple of silhouette...
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