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    ohio gun season monday

    good luck to all hunting in ohio :v :thumbsup:
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    first rondy

    :thumbsup: :hatsoff: :) went to my first rondy[eastern]sunday,lots of great people there.met ohio ramrod his pal kari from finland.had some cider and some rotten apples with them,had a great time, :v even had help out of wheelchair thanks guys!wife enjoyed it too, she's already talking about...
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    hello everybody,really like this site,lots of good reading. been shooting mlers for 25yrs, learning alot from you folks. be talkin to ya.
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    buckeye carbine

    hi folks i`m new here. just a little lnfo ,my brother in law has a t/c buckeye carbine,when made,price range,shot very little,has recever sight,perc. lock any info would help. thanks
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