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    Shoot near Tifton Ga.

    Seems I read info in bits and pieces about a shoot near tifton ga. Can any one give me some specifics cause I sure want to go.
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    Accuracy variables .32 crockett

    I have read great reviews regarding the accuracy of a .32 crockett. I aint gettin it. Best i can get is .310 Hornady ball with .112 patch. Greased with bore butter. 2.5 inches at 28 yds. Any suggestions?
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    Fffg conversion to weight

    I am trying to prepare an assortment of triple 7 fffg powder for my 32 crockett. Starting at 15 grains to 30 grains with a 103 grain maxi ball. ie: 15, 17, 19, 21, etc. My powder measure only jumps 10 grains at a time. I have a multitude of brass case reloading equipment. Surely there is a...
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    Maxi ball lube.

    Does the top ring on a .32 TC type maxi ball need to be lubed?
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    Lubed maxiballs

    Once you lube maxiballs, how do you carry them in the woods
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    .32 maxi ball

    Any suggestions as to source for .32 maxiball? Plan to try them in a traditions crockett
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    Swaged vs molded

    What is the difference between swaged and molded balls.
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    .36 cal rifle kit

    Been looking for 2 days, no luck. Does any one make a simple, complete. 36 cal percussion rifle kit?
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    .32 cherokee by TC

    Found a 32 cherokee today at a gunshow. Never got to dealing, but managed to find one good concern. The barrel is brown. At first I thought browned, but havent been able to confirm. Did TC make a browned barrel? Could this just be well oiled rust?
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    cocking tc hawken

    Is there some secret method for cocking a TC Hawken that doesnt run off everything in the woods?
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    sling for TC Hawken

    I need a sling. Where can I get something to attach it to my gun? What about the slings that tie on the muzzle end? Seems like that would interfere with the ramrod. And the studs that connect via the ram rod thimbles seem to all be out of stock, which makes me think they might not have been any...
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    primer carry

    whats the best way to carry # 11 primers to the woods? not many, maybe 1/2 dozen
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