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  1. bubba.50

    FOR SALE 2 Old Hickory butcher knives for sale

    2 Old Hickory butcher knives for sale. New in sleeves. 8in blades 12 & 1/2 inch overall. Couple small rust spots on one. Not marked seconds anywhere that l can see. Use’em as is or rework for a more period correct look. $20.00 for the two knives plus $8.00 for the padded flat rate mailer...
  2. bubba.50

    SOLD 54cal Buffalo Bullets for sale

    2 unopened boxes of 54cal Buffalo Bullets for sale. 20 per box. 460gr round nose flat base. Prelubed but in my experience they’ll likely need re-lubed. $24.00 shipped. That’s 8 bucks a box for the bullets and 8 for the small flat rate box.
  3. bubba.50

    SOLD TC Tree Hawk barrel for sale.

    50cal percussion TC Tree Hawk barrel for saale excellent bore. Either 1 in 38 or 1 in 28 twist for your fast twist needs. Or cheap enough to send for that big bore carbine or shotgun ya been wantin’. Camo finish is chipped in a couple places showin excellent factory blue beneath the paint. 21in...
  4. bubba.50

    SOLD T/C Tree Hawk lock for sale

    T/C Tree Hawk lock for sale. Excellent condition. Strip finish or use as is. Believe these are black finished like Black Mountain Magnum under the paint. $65.00 shipped anywhere a small flat rate box will take it. will throw the tang and trigger in the box for another 20 bucks
  5. bubba.50

    SOLD Investarms Sporterised Hawken Carbine.

    50cal percussion fast twist Investarms Sporterised Hawken Carbine for sale. Basically a new gun assembled around a stock I had layin’ around. Stock has a few minor bumps and bruises, barrel, lock and triggers are factory new. Set, the triggers work good. In single trigger, the pull is about 10...
  6. bubba.50

    Not your usual forum question.

    Bought a Tree Hawk stock to put together a New Englander with my extra parts. Now my question, anybody have experience with removin’ camo finish from a tupperware stock? Don’t want the camo but also don’t wanta melt my stock either.
  7. bubba.50

    SOLD Project Horns for sale

    8 horns, all in their natural state, for sale. The two black ones are buffalo. Thick horns that need all the work. A few bug bites in a couple but no through holes that I can see. Most are white enough for scrim work. $40.00 shipped.
  8. bubba.50

    SOLD Sash and leg ties.

    had these special made for me by the most talented and awesome Ms. Kris Polizzi in the colors of the Indian’s prayer stick or wheel. White for the morning sun/East yellow for the midday sun/South red for the setting sun/West and blue and black for the night/North. Sash is 52inches long plus 5...
  9. bubba.50

    SOLD Project Powder Horns

    11 project powder horns for sale. Some would be good for primer horns, some would make day horns and a couple good sized for squirrel hunters or similar. Two nice little flat horns. All need plugs. Some need work. Most have threads in the base for some kinda furniture knobs or some such. Or...
  10. bubba.50

    SOLD 15 Years in the Hawken Lode

    Book for sale. 15 Years in the Hawken Lode written by John D. Baird. Excellent condition hardback book with complete, solid dust cover. $25.00 shipped.
  11. bubba.50

    SOLD T/C New Englander 50cal

    50cal tupperware stocked T/C New Englander for sale. Good barrel/tang/triggerguard blue with a pinpoint freckle here & there on the barrel. Lock looks good. Stock is what it is. Bore rusty enough that I’d call it a tossup if it would clean up enough for huntin’ accuracy so, priced cheap enough...
  12. bubba.50

    SOLD Green Mountain drop-in barrel for TC

    50cal percussion roundball twist. 32in long. Blue good/very good. Bore excellent. Renegade sights. Also has a dovetail in case ya wanta install some primitives. Thimbles are for small bore but I’ll send a set of TC Hawken thimbles with it. No ramrod. Hook has had a bit of filin’ to fit...
  13. bubba.50

    SOLD TC percussion lock

    looks good, works great. $75.00 shipped.
  14. bubba.50

    SOLD TC double-set triggers

    title says it. $42.50 shipped
  15. bubba.50

    SOLD CVA Triggerguards

    brass guard for CVA Hawken and a Deer Creek guard for a Mountain Rifle. Deer Creek listed itt as pewter but it’s much too heavy. I’m guessin’ German silver. $20.00 for both plus $7.90 a small flatrate box.
  16. bubba.50

    SOLD CVA Frontier Carbine

    CVA Frontier Carbine for sale. 50cal percussion, single trigger. Outside looks pretty good. Bore rusty but has rifling. Clean up for a beater/loaner or send Deer Creek 100 bucks for a new barrel. $100.00 plus $25.00 for shippin’.
  17. bubba.50

    SOLD USA marked percussion 50cal CVA Mountain Rifle

    Very good bore/rifling. Barrel, triggerguard, buttplate need re-browned. Beautiful striped stock. Needs wedges. I replaced all the boogered up screws in the patchbox, wedge plates, triggerguard with brass screws. Whoever originally started on the stock oversanded a bit so, I shimmed the rear of...
  18. bubba.50

    SOLD 20 gauge Hawken Barrel for sale

    50 caliber TC Hawken barrel bored to 20 gauge smoothbore. Blue very good. Looks unfired since the rebore. I don’t shoot shot & can’t find the .600 diameter balls I bought for the last one of these I had so, no idea how it shoots. $210.00 plus $15.00 towards shippin’ lower 48 anywhere not...
  19. bubba.50

    WANTED GM underrib

    If anyone has put their drop-in GM roundball barrel in a full length stock or for any other reason removed the underrib I would be interested in buying the rib and screws. Don’t need tthe thimbles unless they’re just part of the deal.
  20. bubba.50

    Renegade stock

    right hand Renegade stock for sale. Nice lookin’ piece of walnut. Has been refinished and shortened to 12 inch length of pull. No lock, tang or triggers. Triggerguard and wedge plates are the only metal pieces included. $50.00 plus $10.00 toward shippin’ anywhere in the lower 48.