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  1. Intervention

    Best place to order a Pedesoli 1861 Springfield Musket from

    Looking to order a Pedersoli 1861 Springfield Musket. Any suggestions on the best price, no tax and cheap or free shipping? Thank you
  2. Intervention

    Looking for company that does Color Case Hardened for Lock Parts

    I'm looking for a company that will color case harden, the Plate, Hammer, and Hammer Screw on my Lock. I have reached out to several companies and have not heard back from anyone. I hope someone can help me out.
  3. Intervention

    WANTED Thompson Center Arms Peep Sight Screw 8/32"

    I am looking for Thompson 8/32" Peep Sight Screw. Have tried several gun parts stores with no luck.
  4. Intervention

    SOLD Skinner Sights - TC Hawken or Renegade

    I have a brand new, never used Skinner Sight for a TC Hawken or Renegade. Perfect new condition. My wife purchase an original TC Peep sight so I'm going to let this go. Was $104 Shipped from Skinner Sights yours for only $90 shipped anywhere in the continental US. - Sight ships once the check...
  5. Intervention

    Thompson Hawken - Gunsmith needed

    I'm looking for a good gunsmith with experience with Hawken rifles, to drill and thread the tang for a Tompson Peep Sight. I could do it, probably but I don't want to Billy Bob my rifle. I have the Tang and Sight ready to send off (I don't have the forward screw for the sight. Thank you
  6. Intervention

    Ball Starter - Insert needed

    I'm looking for another brass insert that will fit a 10/32 threaded jag. It goes into a 3/8" hole for a ball starter.
  7. Intervention

    Pistol paper cartridges

    I'm thinking about trying to make some paper cartridges for my 44 cal. Couple of questions what is the name for that type of lead bullet? is their any accuracy difference from round balls? Thank you
  8. Intervention

    Colt 1851 Navy (Original) - missing a part

    I have an original Colt 1851 Navy, the only thing missing is the wedge screw. Any suggestions on where I can get one? If it's a new screw how can I make it look more original? Is it safe to fire one of these, or leave it alone? Thank you!
  9. Intervention

    Investarms - Hawken 50 part needed

    Hello, I am building an Investarms Hawken 50 and I am missing the pin that goes on the front of the rear sight. Does anyone know the size of the pin I would need to order? Thank you.
  10. Intervention

    TC Hawken users manual - For the other calibers

    I know you can contact TC to request a users manual for the Hawken, and they will send you one for 45 cal and 50 cal. After I received the manual from TC, I replied back that I needed load data for the 54 cal Hawken. They sent me their Shooting Thompson/Center Sidelock Black Powder...
  11. Intervention

    TC Hawken - Is this the breech cleanout screw?

    Not sure if that's what this is, I can't find anything for sure.
  12. Intervention

    TCA Hawken 50, S/N 500000 range

    Muzzle question. When I look in the barrel, it appears to be a smooth bore barrel, is this the QLA Muzzle System? Purchased the rifle and it appears to be unfired or lightly fired, I'm not sure if a round ball is loaded in the rifle. I remove the nipple and I can't see any light through the...