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    Well, slap my face!

    i had double barrel 12 gauge percussion in the 80s that would turn your cheek to hamburger. a few people tried shooting it and they had the same bad experience. i tried lengthening the stock with one of those padded slip on recoil pads, it made no difference. after about a year of trying holding...
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    more stuff

    this is my 3 month project of which most of that time was waiting for the correct buckles to show up. it is too bad that i am too old to use it. OU tom
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    Canadian hogs

    on our game camera at Stink Dog Creek we have a photo of what looks to me like a hog but my wife tells me its an owl. I i guess owls and hogs look the same. im going with hog.
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    Skunked on Squirrels

    always a good thing being able to get out. thanks for sharing your day with us. OU tom
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    Bending Brass Triggergaurd

    i asked the same question a couple years ago. the consensus was heat it to red then cool it, bend it a bit then repeat and keep repeating the process BUT i got so lucky i bent it a bit by hand and the brass was real malleable and i just kept bending until it fit the stock. here is a picture of...
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    doing stuff????

    You people must all be sleeping. WAKE UP and do some stuff. I need to be doing stuff so i end up doing lots of different things, some 18th century related some not. I'll show you my latest. This project started last summer when i felled some trees and cut them into semi dimensioned boards at...
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    wash with dish soap (whatever kind is at the sink) and hot water and patches, then blow dry with compressed air, run a dry patch into it to see no moisture left behind, then oil it with whatever i have, engine oil , tranny fluid, air tool oil, just whatever oil is on the shelf. the gun is...
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    Flint or percussion

    Both at the same time Build it so you can convert it. Buy a lock that has a twin in flint and percussion. then build it with the percussion lock first. Then to convert it all you have to do is remove the drum and screw in the touch hole liner , screw on the flint lock and bobsyeuncle two guns...
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    Carpet Tube shooting ?? With strange results........

    I only have one question. WHY? What is the reason for this? maybe 18th century beer cans are tuff'r
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    Patriot shoes

    try here. mine fit good. https://www.amazon.ca/Mens-Colonial-Leather-Boots-Black/dp/B07HVQMT48
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    Source for leather other than Tandy?

    "Halford Hides" . gooder store lots to choose from.the good news is the exchange rate is on your side. if they will ship south. https://www.halfordsmailorder.com/
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    What modern shoe?

    all my clothes are working class. i just couldn't handle the light brown so dyed with the dark brown color i had from my shot pouch,it may or may not have been done in the 18th century, don't know?
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    Tee Pee Size

    I found that as long as you have flames in your teepee fire the smoke is no problem but if the fire isnt burning correctly it can get bad inside there. with a fire in the centre of my 18' the canvas never got hot. the teepee canvas was fire retardant which i would suspect all comercial teepees...
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    What modern shoe?

    this is what i just bought. fit into my budget. they are not bad for comfort but are not something i would want to put on new and walk too far in, they need to be broke in. i bought a 1/2 size bigger but only a thin insole fits into them. i think they are good for the price, seam to be solid...
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    Tee Pee Size

    i had an 18' teepee. it would be good for 3. it was a nice size to have a fire in. not bad to set up but transportin poles is not fun. i sold it and bought a wall tent which was better for us.
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    Lamp wick shoulder strap

    home build an inkle loom. would be a great project. perfect for making woven straps. i do'nt think you have to be very coordinated to use it.
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    clothing repair

    Thinking out loud. A lot of people would have learned clothing maintenance from a very young age. Even in my early years my Mom showed me how to knit, stitch, quilt and darn (even though i wasn't interested and have forgot most of it). I would think there would be different quality of repairing...
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    clothing repair

    something i don't even think about but it was part of every day life. i had some nice wool socks to good to discard. i remember my mom fixing socks all the time. so i gave darning a try. i am sure its not as nice as what was done in the past. it just made me think of all the hours that would...
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    well I gots me new boots, so no more sock'n feet sorry for the disturbing state of undress.
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    wood floors no need for boots. but new ones are coming.