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    Poor results

    Took my flint smoothbore rifle out yesterday morning to try some shot loads in it. Used 66-68 grn 2F and 1-1/8oz shot. A 1/8 wad over the powder and two thin wads over the shot. At 30 yards I aimed at a 2x3 inch square and put two pellets on the edges. Most of the pattern was spread widely...
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    Starting load

    I have a flintlock smooth bore rifle in .62-20 gauge, no choke. I shoot prb's with 50 or 70 grns of 3f for the rifle load. What would be a good starting load for shooting shot? Grns of of powder and oz of shot.
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    Price question

    Would $329.00 be a good or poor price to pay for a TC .50 cal renegade in pretty good shape?
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    For those in need

    Graf & son has BP now. I just ordered 6 lbs of 3f anf 2f. It's their brand which isn't too bad.
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    Round balls for a .62 cal smoothie.

    What is a good source for round balls for a .62 cal smoothie? I'm not really interested in casting them myself.
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    20 ga shotgun loads

    What would be a light bp 20 ga shotgun load for an older, probably early 20th century shotgun? Just something to shoot at a bird or rabbit at about 20 yards or so. This goes with the earlier post on the newly acquired side by side.
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    20 ga side by side cap lock

    Met my buddy that I shoot with every Sunday morning and he had an older 20 ga bp shotgun.He owns a gun shop but isn't really a bp guy. We decided we'd shoot it to see if it would work. We loaded and shot the right barrel first and it went bang and the shot came out. Good start. Checked the...
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    SOLD TC orginal .36 cal maxi-ball mould in box w/paper

    A 36 cal, 128 gr, no. 7276, maxi ball mould. Moulds in bx with paper. I don't think it's ever been casted. $45.00 delivered. Postal money order.
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    FOR SALE TC original .350 Round ball mould in box

    A TC 36 cal round ball mould, used very little, still a poured ball in the mould. In the original box. 65 grns, no.736 single cavity. $40.00 delivered. postal money order.
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    the set trigger

    All my BP rifles have set triggers except one. I've found that Iike the single trigger best. What would be the best way to negate the set trigger. I don't like pulling two triggers and with some arthritis and loss of feeling in the fingers I have trouble feeling the trigger when it is set...
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    Won't cock

    Was going to shoot my 54 cal flintlock Sunday coming up so went to rag it off and clean barrel again. Tried to put the cock on half cock and it wouldn't catch, or stay. Tried to full cock the gun, same thing. Won't half cock or cock completely. I am not a gun plumber and know less about...
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    Thread size

    Shot my Pedersoli Ky rifle this morning. It did good. Cleaning I took the nipple out of the drum and it was really tight. When I went to put the nipple back in, it went in half a thread around and locked up. Took it back out and wire brushed the threads and tried to screw it back in. Same...
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    A while back

    I can't remember the thread awhile back but some one inquired of me about TC .36cal Moulds. I finally found them while rummaging around in some stuff. Can't remember who made the inquiry . If still interested message me. One is a 65 grn round ball and the other is a 128 grn maxi ball, both...
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    TVM question

    Got one of their rifles and they sent a bunch of paperwork along with it. I lost the paperwork. One of the sheets was a maintenance sheet saying what they recommended for maintenance . For preservation they recommended an automotive fluid of some kind for the stock and metal. Anybody...
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    Graf & Son

    I've searched a little but no luck. I think it has been discussed before but I can't find it. Has anyone here used the Graf & Son 3F black powder. How does it stand up to the GOEX? I'm thinking about trying some of it.
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    New TVM .36 cal. early Va zero'd

    Got out with the rifle by myself this morning. No distractions. Took my cleaning cradle and a file along with all the regular needed items to shoot. Set a target out at 25 yards for this rifle. Squirrel head size target. Shoot, file. Shoot file, etc. Took 15 shots to get it where I...
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    New rifle arrives

    My TVM rifle arrived yesterday via ups. Ordered it last July. It's the early Virginia in .36 cal, left handed, percussion, 36' barrel, all iron mounted, with the basic stock. It is a really nice looking sleek rifle. Unfortunately can't shoot it til tomorrow due to previous appointmets,etc...
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    Early Virginia on the way

    got my email notification today that my early Virginia rifle will be shipped to me today. Along with five pictures in the email. Ordered it last July and have been chomping at the bit ever since. Gonna be fun.
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    Stuck ramrod in .45 cal pistol barrel

    Yesterday was cleaning this pistol,cva percussion. Water down the barrel a couple of times. Some solvent after that. Put a dry patch on the ramrod and pushed to to the bottom to dry the barrel some and it stuck there. Got some pliers to grip the brass cap on the rod and it came off breaking...
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    1st flintlock range trip

    Beautiful Sunday morning here in Yuma, too the rifle out and did some shooting with it. I've been loading 50 grns triple F, priming with the same powder but using less prime. I still get the click bang. Bang is about a tenth of a second after the click. Is this normal? With this load at...