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  1. Kman

    Unbreakable ramrod

    TOW sells delrin rods. Work great just need to put ends on and pin them
  2. Kman

    Pedersoli using Cekote

    I own a pedersoli Pennsylvania.45 Flintlock with less than 100 rounds that has this coating on the barrel. It’s starting to peel off around the flash hole. Sent pictures to Pedersoli they said first time seeing this and they will only pay for the barrel to be blued. Had to ship it to the dealer...
  3. Kman

    Lyman Great Plains Rifle

    I live in Nova Scotia Canada so black powder firearms are not as easy to get your hands on here . Just placed an order for Great Plains 50 percussion last week. I own a pedersoli 45 Pennsylvania flintlock and the Indian Trade smoothie. So now getting back into hawkin style rifle, my first black...
  4. Kman

    Looking to get a flintlock long rifle!

    I just purchased a Pedersoli Pennsylvania Hunter flintlock in .45 cal. Very nice piece looking forward to shooting it.
  5. Kman

    Dawn Dishsoap

    When I first started shooting back in 80’s dish soap of no particular flavour and plenty of hot water always worked great. Now something about Dawn a bit of track, but it works great for taking green moss buildup on shingles. My shed roof was covered with about 1-2 inches of moss and I sprayed...
  6. Kman

    Greetings from Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Hi to all, great site lots of info. I am getting back into black powder shooting again. Started back in early 80’s. Got away from the sport due to postings. Just aquired a .45 cal Ardessa Kentucky style. Collecting all the equipment for shooting again. Had to order from TOTW. Not much around my...