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    Rifled musket???

    I thought i purchased a third model 1816 contract musket. Problem is , it has rifling in the bore. It is counterbored about four inches, then spiral rifling. It has a flintlock by A Waters 1835 Millbury. Matching 1835 stamp on barrel tang. TW over P stamped opposite side of barrel from the lock...
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    New pistol project

    i want to build a companion gun to my Kibler colonial rifle. I ordered a Rice 58 cal barrel and have plenty of seasoned maple. My question is as to what lock to use? The Queen Anne is a simular shape and pistol size??? I believe the rifle lock is too large for a hand gun. Any suggestions?
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    R N Chadwick flintlock

    i purchased this rifle knowing it had a bad /broken stock. I could find only one internet post about it, hand made in PA in 1960’s to 1973 when the government shut him down. It shoots well and a new stock has been started. My question is, does it have a collector value or is it just a shooter Thanks