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    New find outside Charleston SC

    Here are a couple of x-rays of a British Musket found outside of Charleston. The xrays show that the musket is still loaded and just so happens to be loaded with 'buck and ball', thought some of ya'll would enjoy the picts.
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    Another hog

    Well my son and I decided to hit the woods last weekend. We hunt on base and since it was the last weekend of deer season, all of our usual haunts had people near them hunting. So we decided to go to some new ground along the river. Glad we did, found a group of hogs moving through some river...
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    Hawg down

    Well got out this morning before the rain decides to get here. Was a beautiful morning in the 60's and over-cast with an unusual wind coming out of the northeast. I wasn't able to get out and scout and the primitive weapons season opened this weekend on Fort Stewart(a lot of Ga boys are gonna be...
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    Range Day with my Son

    Well since my new rifle came in, my 13 year old son Jake decided that my Frontier rifle would become his. So we headed out this morning to make some smoke. Won't take him long and he'll be out shooting me soon!! He did find himself getting decent groups with 70 grains. I had him work loads...
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    TVM Early Lancaster

    Well my EL finally got here!!! .50 cal, 42 inch swamped barrel. The horn was made by a friend
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    Flash in the pan while hunting

    Alright folks, it seems lately if I leave my flinter primed for an extended period of time while out hunting I will have a flash but no boom. I have checked the powder several times prior to attempting to fire and all seems ok. Kept the powder to the side, tried it with 4f and 3f, made sure to...
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    Seasoning a Flinter?

    Lately I have seen a lot of topics on seasoning a barrel on a flintlock. Lately I have developed a bad case of "dirty" barrels a few days after the cleaning. Tried both hot water and cold, CLP and other lubes. So how do you "season" the barrel?
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    Polishing the Pan

    Well folks, a couple of days and counting. Gonna be back stateside after an extremely long tour. I have heard about polishing the pan on my flinter to get better ignition and easier clean up. Anyone out there that can give me the details on how to do this? I would appreciate it deeply...
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    Cut patches and burnt

    Alright fellas, I am back from the sandbox and finally got to shoot my Blue ridge today. I flinched quiet a bit, but still had a lot of fun. When I picked up some of the patches, I noticed that there were a lot of "cuts" on some of the patches. They are the pre-lubed 0.10 thick ones from cabelas...
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    Armi Sports Flinter??????

    Saw them on the Possibles shop and I haven't heard of them. Anyone got any info on them? Saw that they had a nice lookin' kentucky on there but...you know a little questionable about the company. Already searched and nada....thanks
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    New to the forum

    Hi! I came across this forum while web surfing. I am currently in Iraq and soon(hopefully) will be back in Texas. I plan on purchasing a Traditions Shenandoah when I get back, flintlock. Anyone have any suggestions?Thanks