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    Wooden utensles

    Raw linseed oil and walnut oil are my go to, takes a bit of time to dry.
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    Georgia members

    Long county here
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    Loaded for bear and looking for bobcats

    Dry cat food with a bit of liquid smoke works really well was bait.
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    PA doe down.....

    Nope,afraid not.
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    Hello from South Georgia

    Welcome from the east side. Still waiting on cooler weather before I head out.
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    Alafia River Vous

    I don't know about that stuff, not a member. I go to hang out with friends and just have a good time. Last year was a school day and one public day.
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    Alafia River Vous

    Average temps 72 to 40 degrees
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    Alafia River Vous

    3rd year for me. They do have a woods walk that usually they will tell you to bring a knife and hawk on it. They also have a hawk and knife area, trade gun shots etc. The weather, well last year every single day hit 80 plus. The 2016 year they had a tornadotouch down not 3 miles off. It can and...
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    How Many Shots to Group

    It really depends more on the grouping of my shots. If all 3 of my rounds are almost touching or in the area of say an inch, we'll that's good enough for any adjustments needed. If you get a flier, then maybe an additional shot or 2 will let you know if it was just you not following...
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    Meat in your haversack

    The size roast is up to you, we have done small london broils and also larger ones as well. We trim the fat off first. 1 Bottle balsamic and pour 3/4 over the roast or the entire bottle, and apple cider vinegar to completely cover it and boil for about 2 hours. you may need to add more Apple...
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    Getting black powder in Florida?

    Check with Bass Pro, a lot of them carry Goex. Make sure you talk to the folks in the gun department due to it being kept in the back and not on the shelves.
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    Meat in your haversack

    We boil a roast in Balsamic and apple cider vinegar and it will keep about a week in your kit. Problem is, it usually doesn't last that long.
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    North Georgia events?

    There are a few, the link shows several different clubs and contact info for them. I do not have any experience with any of these groups so hopefully some others can help out. :hatsoff: http://www.blueridgemountainmen.org/Contacts.html
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    Hello from Georgia

    Well howdy from SE Georgia!
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    Making Stumpys Moose Snot

    Heat up some water in the microwave and use a wash cloth/dish towel. It will get the beeswax off of the stove.... counters.... floor.... ummmmm what else did it get on that I am forgetting? Lol :haha:
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    .58 Cal Lunch

    Nice way to spend the day! :hatsoff:
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    Rendezvous in Albany Ga.

    I know, just a bit close to the time I will be heading to Alafia.
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    Coyote Problem

    Yes they 'can' be if used by people who have not been trained to use them. But if used properly they can be a great asset, but again if used properly. Right now our state does not allow snares on land and conibears have to be within 10 feet of water. Excellent for beaver and otter, but thats...
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    Coyote Problem

    We set snares on travel paths, so you do not need bait or lure when you use snares on the path. You also can get the ones that have what is called a "stop" which will not kill the animal but hold them in place. That is what is used in areas with pets and also makes it so you can release...