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    is Sharps allowed?.

    I just got out my .54 percussion Sharps carbine can I talk about it here? It is paper cartridge musket cap fired open sights and a barrel of fun to shoot. Thanks Bunk
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    If you can't get real Black Powder

    Pyrodex or 777 is not the answer. I am a Black Gunpowder shootier from the get-go but...a friend put me on to American Pioneer Powder which has a different chemistry than the "P" stuff and is also bottled by Alliant as Black MZ or by APP as Jim Shockey's Gold all are the same thing. The residue...
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    Yes it is Gunpowder

    This is what it is , an explosive that we use as a propeller. Call it Gunpowder because these guys make it and should know what they are making It is NOT a flammable solid, that stuff is mostly rust that burns Any questions? have been at this game a long time Stay safe Bunk 9MB...
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    FFg in revolvers

    Hello the camp Someone asked if FFg would work in a revolver. To find out I tried a 20 grain (1.3 c/c) volume of KIK brand FFg in one of my .44 Marshals. The load was powder, a lubricated felt wad, and a .451" round ball. This is less that a max load, but the Comanches in this area are quiet so...
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    Cleaning up the revolver

    Cleaning up is the price we pay for the fun we have This is the hand gun cleaning method I use. It is not be the only way, but it is a simple way and works for me. It works well with Colt Open Top guns, but would work also on framed revolvers. The cleaning agent is simply using “moose milk”...
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    Trdd cash snail cappers

    Is it me or does it take a lot of fitting to get a TC snail capper working properly? After a lot of filing it works on one Pietta Marshal but still is problematic on the other with sequential serial numbers. It work properly on #18, but not on #17 the last two numbers of the serial number. It...
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    Pietta DLX Marshal revolvers

    Hello the Camp, Staying ahead of +90° temp and +80% humidity the pair of DLX Pietta Marshal fantasy guns came out this morning. The guns have both had the Duelist 1954 treatment (look it up) but also have had the forcing cone properly re cut, a cap rake installed, a real front sight in a dove...
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    for your bench top

    If you have ever taken a gun apart and had a tiny little important, expensive, hard to get, irreplaceable piece fall out, hit the bench, bounce, and disappear into the dust bunnies on the floor never to be seen again, here is an idea. If there is a store in your town that makes removable truck...
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    Young Country 301

    Howdy Folks,. I picked up an almost full little brown bottle of "Young Country 301" at a yard sale. There was a picture of a muzzle loading rifle on the label so I paid the outrageous price of fifty cents for it. What is is and is it any good? I am learning to shoot a Pedersoli .50 flintlock...
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    "substitutes" for real Black Gun Powder

    First let me start by saying the "P" stuff and 777 are about as much a substitute for real Black Gun Powder as Kentuckian hill country moonshine is a substitute for 40 year old single barrel Scotch. I realize that there are places that, because of uninformed laws, the real Black Gun Powder in...
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    new hand guns

    Hang around old guys. Old guys know stuff. Since I have been shooting black powder guns since the early 1950’s I guess than makes me an old guy. I date back to Du Pont in oval cans and shooting an original 1851 Colt Navy And perhaps I learned some stuff from experience and questioning talented...
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    for new and old shooters

    this is a good read for new or experienced shooters and well worth while carefully evaluating this information. http://www.geojohn.org/BlackPowder/Revolver.html Enjoy WB
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    new flint lock shooter question

    I am a percussion gun shooter both rifle and hand gun so real Gun Powder is no stranger to me. I have supplies of FFg FFFg and a can of original DuPont FFFFg. Gun Powder. Mostly GOEX but a can or two of Olde Eynsford and some KIK. However due to bad influences like Mark the Black Powder...
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    tuning the cap and ball Pietta

    Go to the Single Action Shooting Society web site and look at the “archives” section and open June 2008 page 38 and July 2008 page 34 and you will find excellent articles on how to diagnose and cure problems with a C&B Pietta gun. My guns have all had this treatment and are as reliable as an...
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    Gun Powder "substitutes"

    Hello the Camp, I am new to this forum, but my Gun Powder experience goes back to Du Pont Orange Extra Sporting powder, and Du Pont Gun Powder in the oval metal cans. Here we go, it is my opinion that saying some propellants, that will go nameless here, are substitutes for real Black Gun...