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  1. Ranger94

    Dear OLE TIMERS, Act Now

    Is it a symptom when you buy ammo for a caliber you don’t own. ?YET?
  2. Ranger94

    BarreL cleaning

    I love Eezox. But it does have a terrible odor. My wife hates the stuff. But it is a proven product.
  3. Ranger94

    Dear OLE TIMERS, Act Now

    Suggested Cure: stay away from the Classifieds. STAY AWAY!!!
  4. Ranger94

    Got a $1,500 budget! What should I look at?

    Cannot go wrong with TVM. My next will be a 54 PA iron rifle from them.
  5. Ranger94

    Swamped vs straight barrel on .40

    I ordered my TVM on Feb 24, 2020, and was told 6 months wait time which I was perfectly fine with. Covid hit, and I knew it would be kicked back. Melanie at TVM ( a very fun & sassy lady) always kept me updated with potential delays. I received my TVM Late Lancaster .40 cal on 9/20/2020. I am...
  6. Ranger94

    Swamped vs straight barrel on .40

    I own a TVM .40 Late Lancaster with a swamped barrel. While I cannot compare it to a straight barrel on a similar gun, I can say it is a dream to shoot. Very light, and balances extremely well. To me, probably worth the extra cash for the swamped option....
  7. Ranger94

    Dixie Gun Works Poor Boy

    Miroku is top notch! Own several guns made by them.
  8. Ranger94

    Here from the state of Pennsylvania

    Crayon Capital of the World!!!
  9. Ranger94

    Here from the state of Pennsylvania

    I live in Mullica Hill, NJ but spend a lot of time hunting up by the lake. Probably will run into you sooner or later.
  10. Ranger94

    Here from the state of Pennsylvania

    Pete - where are you from? We are at Laje Wallenpaupack a great deal. Family cabin.
  11. Ranger94

    SOLD Lyman Great Plains Rifle

    For sale is my Lyman Great Plains Rifle. Right Hand .50 CAL Flintlock - 1/66 twist Made in 1979, my Dad purchased new in 1980. We are the original & only owners Factory Built Rear wedge pin sometimes (depends on humidity) can be loose. I usually insert a business card when needed. Front wedge...
  12. Ranger94

    Dear OLE TIMERS, Act Now

    Reading this is NOT helping
  13. Ranger94

    Builder Choices

    I just purchased a Tullie from Kevin. Awesome builder. I would use him again in a heartbeat!!
  14. Ranger94

    SOLD Steve Zihn Jaeger for sale

    This is stunning!
  15. Ranger94

    SOLD Kibler .45 Southern Mountian rifle

    What happened to the Maserati???
  16. Ranger94

    Cleaning question

    I use a pipe cleaner rather than a toothpick.