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  1. Ranger94

    SOLD Lyman Great Plains Rifle

    For sale is my Lyman Great Plains Rifle. Right Hand .50 CAL Flintlock - 1/66 twist Made in 1979, my Dad purchased new in 1980. We are the original & only owners Factory Built Rear wedge pin sometimes (depends on humidity) can be loose. I usually insert a business card when needed. Front wedge...
  2. Ranger94

    CVA Squirrel Rifle

    Hello Everyone, I have a CVA Flintlock Squirrel Rifle (.32) that my dad purchased for me new from Dixie Gunworks around 1985 give or take. I shot it alot as a youth, and now my kids have put it through good use, and have moved on. I am thinking it is time for someone else to put it to good...
  3. Ranger94

    Fowler or Fusil?

    Hi Gang – (I apologize if this has been covered previously, I looked and could not find anything) I am looking to purchase my first smoothbore flintlock in .62/20 gauge. I am torn between a Fowler or Tulle. Main purpose would be for hunting in NJ & PA for pheasant/turkey/& deer. Historically...
  4. Ranger94

    Hangfire Questions

    Hello Everyone, I have a CVA Squirrel rifle, Flintlock, .32 caliber, that my Dad got for me around 1984 give or take. I break it out and shoot it from time to time. Everytime I fire it, there is about a half second delay (very small hangfire) before igniting. My loading procedure is directly...
  5. Ranger94

    Custom Flintlock Questions?

    Hello Everyone, My apologies, I am sure this has been discussed numerous times in the past, but I did not have any luck with a search. I am interested in upgrading from my Lyman Great Plains flintlock rifle. I would like to go the semi-custom/custom arena. Probably looking to spend around...
  6. Ranger94

    Colt Navy 1851 Question

    Hello Everyone - I inherited from my father an original Colt Navy 1851. It has all matching serial numbers. He purchased it around 1960, and used to shoot in in the 60s & 70s. It has not been shot since 1970. Generally speaking it is in good shape, but it is deeply pitted. Please take a look...