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  1. Rat

    Percussion V Flintlock?

    To whom it may concern. My comment about the "Limeys" suffering from PTSD was directed at, and for, Brit, whom I know would not be offended, and in response to his post. I know Brit is a man, and not a little girl. It had nothing to do with the "new guy". On a forum consisting of men who like to...
  2. Rat

    Pietta 1858 New Army wouldn't carry any other six-shooter with just what's in the cylinder, I'd want at least six reloads if packing it as a hunting sidearm. But 18 is a better/taditional number for a six-shooter. Hey, might get lost, have to make a fire and spend the night in the woods, shoot a wabbit in...
  3. Rat

    Pietta 1858 New Army

    Oh for crying out loud. My Uberti (a .36) favors round ball over slugs. Has very deep seven groove rifling. I have a Euroarms 1860 Colt that has VERY shallow rifling, but is VERY accurate with ball. Have never tried a slug. A matter of trying different things, loads, projectiles, etc, for Pete's...
  4. Rat

    .660 Nessler Balls (shotgun slugs) in .69 Smoothbore....almost there....need advice

    Thank you. I feel much better now. I think it's worth a shot. :)
  5. Rat

    Plains Pistol Leather

    Those are cool, have not seen them. I like. Spent yesterday looking for the big grey kitty. Set up three times during the day to call, but kitty never called back. Nor did any bears. Sure could get the Ravens in with the "baby crow in distress" call. Did some exploring, was a good day. Ever...
  6. Rat

    Walker Colt loading lever tie down

    Whoa. The Dragoons drop their levers too???? Now I have truly lost my innocence.
  7. Rat

    Issues... and I'm upset !!!

    3f real black powder is probably your best bet for ignition. I doubt if there is any difference in "easiest to ignite" between brands.
  8. Rat

    .660 Nessler Balls (shotgun slugs) in .69 Smoothbore....almost there....need advice

    A .575" minne' in my 1861's .580+ bore (yes I've said this before) will drop/fall down the bore and shoot extremely inaccurate, if I dip them in wax (and fill the cavity with bondo) they load normally, any extra wax is shaved off, and they shoot very accurately. Might not work in a smooth bore...
  9. Rat

    Issues... and I'm upset !!!

    If caps are too tight on a nipple, just chuck it in the drill press, and turn it down with some emery paper (or a very fine, small file) until you get the perfect fit. However, not a bad idea to try a hot-shot or spit fire. All in all, sounds like a powder problem, or a badly clogged flash...
  10. Rat

    Just received my Lyman Plains Pistol - Questions on care and use

    Right. It's yours, if we don't tell anyone. And remember, two men can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.
  11. Rat

    Walker Colt loading lever tie down

    Pretty sure if I owned a Walker, I'd fit a Dragoon lever and latch to it.
  12. Rat

    Which powders for revolvers?

    Let me just say this about 777. After shooting black powder in my 1860 Colt for at least 20 years, with no problems, perfect functioning. I tried some 777, and on the second loading of the cylinder, it chained fired, and blew both the front sight, and loading latch off the barrel. Just a...
  13. Rat

    Trade, Barn, FDC, or Fowler

    Trouble area is under the lock plate. Needs to be relieved a bit as some of the lock parts are contacting the wood. Even a cave man could do it. That's a good deal on that gun.
  14. Rat

    Think I’m ready to try some smoothbore deer hunting

    With my luck, I'd forget to take the wooden flint out before I went hunting. Not really, but that would be kind of funny.
  15. Rat

    Pedersoli Trade Gun

    Never heard of that before...but it don't sound good. ?!!!?? But I kind of like it. I'll try it on the wife. Or maybe not........!!
  16. Rat

    .660 Nessler Balls (shotgun slugs) in .69 Smoothbore....almost there....need advice

    Dip the bare slug in pure bee's wax, see if that takes up the windage.
  17. Rat

    First shot always a flyer problem...

    Hammer blowing back to half-cock can be caused by too big of a hole in the nipple, or a weak mainspring, not always a pressure sign.
  18. Rat

    Pillow ticking

    Kind of put the cart before the horse, but it sounds like you lucked out. You can always change ball size of course...unless you already bought a mold. :) On the other hand, "very accurate" doesn't exactly sound like a disaster. I like patch material in the .020" range, rather than the thinner...
  19. Rat

    Help Me Pick!

    Sorry about the Uberti, I have three and they are all rock solid well built guns. My Navy Remington was a demo gun that Uberti's daughter brought over here when she was the sales rep, gave it to a friend of mine, who was a friend of hers, and he sold it to me years later, still new-in-the-box...
  20. Rat

    pistol capper that really works

    Must be the same one!
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