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  1. Thunder14

    Making friends at the range

    When i joined my gun club i was the only one that shot BP rifles and revolvers got a lot of dirty looks and under breath comments about the smell and smoke I ignored all that now most people say I would like to try shooting one of them so I always offer them a chance to shoot one of them.I have...
  2. Thunder14

    POI moves with same load ...

    This happens to me all the time I will be dead on at 50 and 100 yards for about 6 or 7 shots and then i will start shooting 3 to 6 inches high or right it’s definitely me My eyes getting tired and moving my shooting position. When I first started shooting i was chasing my rifle until I...
  3. Thunder14

    BP supplies at Wal Mart

    Why would you shop at Walmart-mart one of the biggest companies against 2nd amendmen.
  4. Thunder14

    FOR SALE T/C Hawken 5o cal

    1978-1979 serial # 55000 T/C Hawken 50 cal 1/48 twist 28 inch barrel good bore. has little crack buy bottom of lock it was epoxied and has been fine ever since. $450
  5. Thunder14

    FOR SALE CVA Frontier

    CVA Frontier 50cal 1/48 twist new only 5 shots threw it to test befor selling mint condition bought and stored also.$250
  6. Thunder14

    FOR SALE T/C Hawken 50cal

    this is a 1979-1980 serial #77000 T/C Hawken 50 cal 28 inch barrel 1/48 twist factory fiber octave sights I have 3 shots threw it to test before selling it is in mint condition bought back then and stored.$550
  7. Thunder14

    Jag and Rod stuck in barrel

    If you have enough rod put it in a vice and pull,this is the method i use never fails me.good lucl
  8. Thunder14


    Why not file the pan down a little to Aline It with flash hole.Im an expert in screwing up that little mishap would be a win for me.
  9. Thunder14

    SOLD Micellaneous Items

    I will take check PM
  10. Thunder14

    Slot in middle of hammer

    Ok that slot in the front of the hammer seem counter productive if it is there to pull caps off the nipple into the hammer channel well then we all know what’s next disassemble and clean out spent cap jammed in action. well some of us actually have a farm or homestead to maintain I don’t have...
  11. Thunder14

    Slot in middle of hammer

    Just wondering what is that slot for in the middle of the hammer.
  12. Thunder14

    Haz Mat Shipping Charge

    Was at Cacelas in Hamberg PA on Friday what a joke it was like going to a out of business sale At Kmart I would always stop in to the original Cabelas in Sydney Nebraska when ever I had time coming back east every week in the 80”s and 90”s.welp yep Friday last time for me at cabelas
  13. Thunder14

    Coffee grounds instead of cornmeal?

    Ok could someone please explain where the benefit is in putting a filler in your cylinder,yes I have tried it and guess what no difference if the ball sits 1/8 inch from the top of the cylinder or if it’s sitting flush with the cylinder the ball hits where I’m aiming so with that being said is...
  14. Thunder14

    TCA Hawken 50, S/N 500000 range

    For starters did you put a bore light or flashlight to the barrel if its empty (not loaded) you will see the end of the barrel. and when you removed the nipple did you see any powder.if you put a ram rod down it you will hear metal on metal and you will feel it bounce if it’s empty,you can...
  15. Thunder14

    1861 colt navy 36 cal

    Thank you everyone 380 it is
  16. Thunder14

    Internet transactions, payment and shipping

    I’m pretty sure nobody on this sight would stoop to being dishonest from what I see the members I have Interacted with are honorable people.I have receive purchases before I even sent the payment.
  17. Thunder14

    Internet transactions, payment and shipping

    Ya Pay Pal SUCKS I sold some items and they held my money hostage for about 2 weeks NEVER AGAIN. And the people received there purchases in 3 days thanking me so there was no issue with that and this was before this corona froud.
  18. Thunder14

    what is considered a good collection of BP revolvers

    Well I can say I shoot the living daylights out of mine that’s what there for,not to be hidden in a box or safe. I have a pistol range and a 150 yard rifle range at the house.
  19. Thunder14

    1861 colt navy 36 cal

    I’m going to mic. It when I get a chance but I think I’m going to try some .380 the 375 is just way to loose for my liking
  20. Thunder14

    what is considered a good collection of BP revolvers

    Here is some 1851 brass frame not in picture