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  1. Redstick Lee

    Moving my 1400*F Powder Magazine

    I got that bit of info off the (I believe now defunct) "Bama Carry" forum.......i'll try to Google it & do it as an attachment here.
  2. Redstick Lee

    Does anyone bring 2 revolvers to the range and load and shoot both?

    2, sometimes 3........I load "off gun" using a 1/2 ton arbor press until all cylinders are full.....then cap & fire all. rinse & repeat. Usually a ROA 7.5 stainless.....a Uberti 4.5 CCH '58 Remmy copy....and a 7.5 1860 Colt copy by Pietta. all 3 get 30gr 3f , a lubed felt wad cut from thrift...
  3. Redstick Lee

    new bag and horn,,,,,,,,,,

    oh my !! I won't need any little blue pill for a few days ! lol
  4. Redstick Lee

    Moving my 1400*F Powder Magazine

    Having rethought my methods, I now store BR and substitutes in a big plastic tool box....and percussion caps / primers are still in a .50 cal. ammo can...y'all make sense that a large "FOOF" is infinitely better than a huge BOOM. part of my decision was based on the fact that the supposed "fire...
  5. Redstick Lee

    Gun Powder "substitutes"

    and here I was.....thinking I was likely the only one here ever exposed to the "brown death cloud". ( phosphene/phosgene) we used to leach iron rich metals in site mixed Hf....and our scrubbers sometimes failed......more than once the alarm went off, the cloud was issuing from the acid reactor...
  6. Redstick Lee

    Should I fix this?

    my only percussion gun is a 1975 Spanish "pre CVA" that I got in '75 for my 12th birthday. I still use the bore-through hole as a cleanout / dribble hole and have used 1/2 drop of anti seize on it every cleaning since new. it IS useful occasionally !
  7. Redstick Lee

    Moving my 1400*F Powder Magazine

    I have spent the past year unconsciously moving every piece of my BP, Muzzle Loading, and modern cartridge reloading kit to the house next door I inherited from my Dad last year .(MISS YOU EVERY DAY DAD!) I had Dad out shooting front-stuffers as old as 81 y/'s what we did together from...
  8. Redstick Lee

    improving my "new" '58 Remington?

    those "grooves" actually make a nice spot for sticky fouling to settle in.....i'd lightly polish the arbor pin & otherwise leave that part alone.
  9. Redstick Lee

    Hammer Cam Damage

    looks like someone attempted "fanning" with a gun with soft metal parts......
  10. Redstick Lee

    Should I fix this?

    an old, mass produced CVA? bore light after pulling the nipple & shoot it until the barrel's burnt !!
  11. Redstick Lee

    I apologize and wish to return !!

    oooooo I now know why i'm no standup comedian.......the "but I haven't been to RI" was SUPPOSED to be funny.....oh well. thanks for the welcomes !!
  12. Redstick Lee

    How do you equip different guns? (For the field)

    Different bags, one horn (gotta get another) and various oddities as needed.
  13. Redstick Lee

    Experimental Muzzle-loading Percussion Rifle??

    The modern inlines using the ballistic tip sabots, pre measured pelletized powder charges and shotgun primers are HUGELY popular around here because some hunters simply use them to "cheat" an extra week or 2 out of hunting season.......... Edited by Zonie
  14. Redstick Lee

    Gun Powder "substitutes"

    I'll state for the record that I have absolutely no idea if Pyrodex contains OR produces any type of cyanide . My angle was only that Mfgr.produced MSD sheets (the newest designation of 3 or 4) should be taken with a grain of salt, and utmost caution should be used if harmful chemicals are...
  15. Redstick Lee

    WANTED Used .50 CVA Plainsman Flint barrel

    Need entire barrel w/breechplug . some pitting expected, seized vent liner acceptable but not preferred (lol) please price reasonably! thanks for digging through your closets & parts boxes for me!
  16. Redstick Lee

    Gun Powder "substitutes"

    with all due respect....the "trade secrets" ( AKA Proprietary) clause in MSDs are routinely used to keep the public from knowing the dangerous ingredients in products.......i've had classes in this and dealt with the SDS/MSDS/MSD for 34 yrs+364 days.
  17. Redstick Lee

    I've a chance to buy this

    from those photos, the cylinder really WAS damaged by careless, i'd still break the very top edge of the bolt just to be sure.
  18. Redstick Lee

    I've a chance to buy this

    a Wolff Spring Colt Peacemaker wire trigger & bolt spring + reduced power mainspring will make it shoot like a dream.....along with mirror polishing all contact points & carefully trueing the head on your cyl. bolt per the instructions posted. That's a very nice revolver with a LOT of potential...
  19. Redstick Lee

    I've a chance to buy this

    my most accurate revolver.....including modern and smaller bore guns, including my .357. this is my "once in a lifetime revolver" I call it "little can't miss".
  20. Redstick Lee

    Addicted to the Smoothie !

    That is not only a beautiful gun, but an exquisite rig you have with it !
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