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    Percussion caps in period

    I would imagine like today, the majority of people would want the latest new fangled gizmos whether they were better or not and then you also have the old farts like us refusing to change.
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    Wtb .485 or .486 round ball mold. Lee or lyman.

    Never heard of Kurds & way? 😁
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    .51 Maxi

    Someone may have enlarged if they thought they needed it. Is it marked 51 or 52?
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    Percussion caps in period

    I'm sure they thought of this and either had spare guns that were flint or they just stuck with flint if they thought it would be difficult to obtain. After all they had to think about powder availability also.
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    Need Unmarked Percussion Rifle Indentification Help

    I have several CVA/Jukar rifle and they have the exact same rear sight.
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    Need Unmarked Percussion Rifle Indentification Help

    Yes, Jukar length, I believe mine were 32 1/2 in counting the breech plug.
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    CLOSED Ruger Old Army Blue never fired

    You can edit except within 20 minutes. Ask a Mod to close.
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    TC renegade load problems

    Did you buy the maxi's or did you cast them yourself?
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    Round Ball & Patch Sizes

    You can use 3f all around.
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    Pritchett balls

    Sometimes a tiny bit of tin helps. A tiny bit will help fill out without making the lead harder. Also clean the mould and pin good and like others say, make sure the pin is hot. Some moulds with a separate pin and hard to get/keep the pins hot.
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    WANTED CVA only pistol wanted

    OK, so you want a specific one. Gottcha
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    WANTED CVA only pistol wanted

    CVA and Traditions made by same company.
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    FOR SALE Investarms .54 Caliber Hawken

    The 58 is 1/56 or 60 and the 50 is 1-66. Going by memory. I was actually hoping for 1/48 but they weren't.
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    FOR SALE Investarms .54 Caliber Hawken

    I have an Investarms Hawken 50 and 58. Nether is 1-48 twist.
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    The Lees work good for me, been using them for years. I have 3, all different sizes. Repair parts are available if needed. I've never needed yet though.
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    Compare .50 cal and .54 cal to rifle cartridge's

    A 30-30 takes more deer every year than any other cartridge. If you do your part the 50 is plenty big for deer. If you think you may have to take a shot at over 100y I'd go with the 54 or if you think some day you may need to go for elk or other large critters.
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    New to a CVA Accura

    If it did happen to get into the breech plug hole as you say, the cap would set it off and blow out the residue. By loading with a powder measure, and loose powder, you can adjust the grains more and likely get better accuracy.
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    CVA Hawken problem

    I was thinking that too. The Mountain rifles had issues with that. Give it a look.
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    Handmade Accessories

    I second that, especially because I'm cheap.
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    Firing a Cap Before Loading

    I use to and it worked for me out west where humidity is low. I've tried it lately and it hasn't been working for me so I will have to reevaluate how I do my first shot.