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    CLOSED Navy Arms Terry Texas Ranger 12ga.

    Up for sale is a rare Navy Arms Terrry Texas Ranger 12 Ga. SxS. It is in 95%+ condition and shoots wonderfully ( for a 14" barrel Shotgun). It came from the factory this way and is not NFA because its a Front stuffer. $650 plus shipping
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    SOLD Custom 50 cal Mountain rifle, Steve Lodding

    This is another rifle i acquired and sent to Steve Lodding to have him go through. It hads his "indestructible"Ram rod, Steve does quality work. I believe it was a mountain gun kit to start, it is 50 cal. However, this has been expertly fitted, the wood is beautifully figured and has very light...
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    SOLD Customized Dixie Tennessee Mountain Gun( Flinter )

    Dixie Tennessee Mountain gun Customized by Steve Lodding. Work includes, Antique finish on barrel and lock, Thinning out fore end, refinishing stock to darker tone, performance tuning lock and trigger and adding steel rod re enforced "indestructible" ramrod. 50 caliber. $900.00 usps money order...
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    SOLD 36 cal Squirrel Rifle ( flinter) Custom...again

    36 cal Custom Flinter, honestly i dont know who built it, i have never fired it after initial test for function (12 shots). Beautiful curly maple stock , lock is flawless, Had it gone over by Steve Lodding of Caliente NV. $1100 usps money order only. If in need of more pics just ask. Thank you ...
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    SOLD Jack Garner rifle 45 cal....again!!!!

    Jack Garner Tennessee Mountain poor boy rifle. Almost new condition, but missing ramrod (easy replacement from TVM ) Fired 37 times ( by me) and bought this rifle new from local shop.truly a nice, lightweight, graceful rifle with beautifully figured curly maple. Just reducing my collection for...
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    Pedersoli 12 bore double gun

    I just purchased one of these from cabela's, just wondering where you can get round balls or conicals. I prefer conicals, and have seen that South Africans seen to love these things. Any info you guys could give me would help. Thanks Steve