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    Do you treat your powder horns with anything?

    What do you use? Do you oil. rub into them, coat them with any thing. I use olive oil.
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    This is how I develop a load for my muzzle loaders.

    I use 3fffg powder in all my muzzle loaders. Test fit patch and ball by using a strip of patching material 1 ½” wide and 24” long. Lube the center of the strip and use short starter to drive it down 6” or so, and pull it back out and see what the cloth impression is like on ball. See attached...
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    FOR SALE Lyman. 498 round ball mold

    Like new. I will pay standard shipping in lower states.
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    Flint lock flush tool

    Who makes the best flintlock flushing tools, 15/16” across flats, pinned bbl. Thanks
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    Gunsmith Samual L. Walker?

    Gunsmith Samual L. Walker, Greene county,Cedarville, Ohio 1857 have a bench gun made by him Tim L
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