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    WANTED WTB a 50 Cal Flinter Pennsultucky rifle

    The boy is wanting us to try out BP shooting, so I told him I'd post here and see if anyone has a good used rifle they would like to move. I don't want to spend for a new one, as he may not like it, and we don't currently know anyone who shoots BP. Thanks! Michael
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    Musket replicas with non-drilled vent tubes

    Are these supposed to just have the vent tube drilled when you receive it, and it is then a usable weapon? How hard is it to drill the vent tube?
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    Rifleman's hawk - handle length

    I just got a Cold Steel Rifleman's hawk to customize. I didn't realize the handle was going to be so long. Is this anywhere close to being correct, or should I shorten it up before I strip it and stain it. Just seems to be long to be carried on the belt daily. Michael
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    Coureur de Bois/Voyageur Knives

    I understand the Coureur de Bois generally carried 3 knives, a belt knife, a legging knife, and a neck knife. I've found samples of the neck knives and the belt knives, but can't find one of the legging knife. I believe this to be a mid sized knife between the neck/patch knife and the belt...
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    CVA Percussion how expensive to convert to Flintlock?

    Looking at a CVA Kentucky percussion made in Spain. I'd really rather have a flintlock. Is it possible to make this conversion, or would it be more than the rifle is worth?
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    Re-enacting in Central KY - Where to get started?

    My teenaged son has expressed an interest in Black Powder shooting and we both love the historical dress and methods. Suprisingly, it seems to be hard to find a re-enacting group in the Lexington area near where Dan'l Boone's Fort is located. Does anyone here have suggestions that I may have...
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