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  1. Versanaut

    WANTED WTF a left hand muzzleloader for hunting.

    Not sure if you are look for entry level or not. Check out Deer Creek's Website. They have New/Old Stock Left handed CVA St. Louis for $289. My son bought one and competes with it. It was new outta the box. It is a CVA lock with associated issues (Needs the shorter flints).. But it works...
  2. Versanaut

    Replica Powder Flask Quality

    Some good info here. I'll avoid the retailers for now, especially online ones and insist to inspect them in hand. I wrote the retailer and am waiting on a reply. They have a 100% guarantee and I am certain they will honor it. Just a pain to have to deal with it is all. I may just go for a...
  3. Versanaut

    Replica Powder Flask Quality

    I ordered a new replica colt powder flask manufactured by one of the popular italian arms companies and sold by a popular muzzleloading retailer to compliment a new 1851 Navy and was quite disappointed in the quality. I found it contained a significant amount of what seems like coarse sand or...
  4. Versanaut

    Uberti 1851 Stuck Barrel

    Another update! So I've been to the range a few more times and have a few more observations. As with most firearms, a little use lossens things up. It still sticks a bit, but comes apart easily with the popsicle trick and goes together without having to hammer it together. BUT, as a couple...
  5. Versanaut

    WANTED Canoe Gun

    If you don't get any luck here, Sitting Fox typically has a canoe gun or two listed on their site. Mushka, A canoe gun could be considered a 'carbine' of the period. A very short gun. Easy to store, handle, and fire from a canoe.
  6. Versanaut

    pure aggrevation

    I'm guilty of using what I had on hand for a number of years. While being careful and patient has its benefits, it's just plain EASIER to have the right fit up front. What I am also finding is that many of the screws I'm coming across now have a VERY narrow slot! No standard 'off the shelf'...
  7. Versanaut

    Uberti 1851 Stuck Barrel

    Update here, Nothing extraordinary found, but during the first post firing cleaning, I still could not separate the barrel and arbor by hand and tried the rammer trick Tom and Gee mentioned with a popsicle stick to protect the rammer. Worked with a LOT less force than I anticipated! Thanks...
  8. Versanaut

    Uberti 1851 Stuck Barrel

    Thank you all for your help! Sure, I normally send something back that won't work right outta the box. But I have found with my rifles, it is usually not worth the hassle IF.. big IF.. it's an easy fix. I did use a fine finishing compound on a dremel polishing felt in the arbor hole not...
  9. Versanaut

    Uberti 1851 Stuck Barrel

    Thanks all, I've read a lot about the short arbor problem, but perhaps I am misunderstanding it? I get the impression that a short arbor allows the cylinder/barrel gap to vary (as it is not seated) and causes the cylinder to bind against the forcing cone and not index properly. While it's...
  10. Versanaut

    Uberti 1851 Stuck Barrel

    Howdy all! I hope all here had a merry Christmas and are looking forward to the new year! I was fortunate to receive an Uberti 1851 Navy as a gift this year. This makes my frist BP revolver. Upon inspection, the revolver was saturated in an oil so I proceeded to disassemble for a thorough...
  11. Versanaut

    Looking for Unique Target Ideas

    Some good new suggestions as of late! I have pondered the thought of a timed or pressure match. I keep thinking there is such a disparity between our normal shooters' speeds that there is a large part that would not be happy to be rushed... but then again, we ALL talk about the charging bear...
  12. Versanaut

    Range boxes

    Too funny, I logged in just now to see if I could find a thread for range box ideas myself. I'm currently using an old plastic fishing tackle box. It works, but I'd like to have less plastic at the line. @Eddie2002 - Check out some of the cowboy action cart setups. There are quite a few...
  13. Versanaut

    Do you have to lube conicals?

    +1 for oil and wax. I use beeswax and olive oil. Cures chapped lips hunting in windy dry weather and doesn't hurt the meat (edible) I lube my hunting patches with a 'lotion' consistency ratio and pan lube the conicals with a harder ratio. (Ratios are temperature dependent so your mileage will...
  14. Versanaut

    Looking for Unique Target Ideas

    The flower target from today's match. 15 balls. 2 in the pot and 1 for each other feature on the flower. 2 fers were allowed if you split the line. Had to fill up the flower before you could put any in the bull. 5 pts for each hit on a flower feature. Bull as scored in rings.
  15. Versanaut

    Gun safety

    Good thread. I certainly understand the frustrations being aired here. I have also seen most of these behaviors. With each passing year muzzleloading knowledge seems to be eclipsed a bit more by the influences modern arms. Many of today's shooters have never tried or given much thought to...
  16. Versanaut

    Looking for Unique Target Ideas

    Some more great ideas here. There aren't many of us in our club. The size waxes and wanes with the season (FL). We typically only have 4 to 6 show. I'd be hesitant to put too much time pressure on some of our posse. :eek: One of our guys talks about barking squirrels all the time.. I'll...
  17. Versanaut

    Looking for Unique Target Ideas

    I especially like this idea. I saw one in the postal matches where you had 5 shots to shoot the 4 edges of the paper and one for the center. I like the Framed string and brick & 2x2 idea as well! How many well aimed 45-54 caliber shots would break one? We don't speed load, but I could see...
  18. Versanaut

    Looking for Unique Target Ideas

    I've been shooting at our clubs monthly matches for a couple years now and I'd like to contribute to the challenges we've had thus far and also gin up some new challenges. I've scoured the forum a good bit back and have gone through the postal match forum and picked up a few. So what kind of...
  19. Versanaut

    What is the oddest lead item you've made ammunition from?

    I have a friend in the plumbing business. He collects all the used lead seals from old installations for me. About 80# per year. Also have another contractor friend that occasionally gives me the roof boot cutoffs, not so weird there I suppose! Fun thread!
  20. Versanaut

    CVA St. Louis Hawkins Lock Issue

    Update: Evening all! I went ahead and picked the thinnest flint we had and installed it in the lock going back to leather. I needed to install it bevel down in order to strike the frizzen face. In this configuration, the flint was just ever so slightly touching the frizzen, but did not hold...
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