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  1. Joe B.

    Possible L&R Durs Egg design flaw

    The cock went flying and the retaining screw failed on an almost new Durs Egg. This is not a new problem to me as I have another on an older gun. The square post on a flintlock tumbler should be flush with the hammer face, and is on my other locks. The post on the L&R durs egg barely engages...
  2. Joe B.

    Joliet Muzzleloaders

    That's our club. We've been around for almost 50 years, NMLRA sanctioned. We have a beautiful range and monthly shoots on the second Sunday, open to the public. Spring and fall rendezvous, also. We are steady at about 30+ members and are always ready to welcome a new roundball enthusiast...
  3. Joe B.

    Who made this shooting bag?

    Picture of maker's mark and bag. I bought it at the I&M Canal Il. r-vous 10 or so years ago from the man that made it. He was a regular there. He was well known and sadly is no longer with us. Big guy. As you can see excellent workmanship. I think it's moose hide. I wish I could remember...
  4. Joe B.

    Howdy from western Chicagoland

    Great forum! Dad and I bought my first muzzleloader, a Zouave from Jerry's Gun Shop, Brookfield, Il. in the 60's. Years passed and I built one straight from Buchele's book,"Recreating the American Longrifle". Took 13 years, yes, I know, but life got in the way. I needed a place to shoot it...
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