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    The Case for the Lowly Bore Brush

    I've been shooting a lot this year, and have decided to revisit certain methods, and to try some new ones- just for fun, and I try to avoid being a dogmatic person whenever I can. Picture below shows three patches from a .45 Pedersoli which was cleaned using the normal water/dish soap pumping...
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    .40 or less flintlock

    Looking for a .40 caliber or less flintlock, preferably full stock rifle with nice wood. Not looking for the usual production rifles. Open to ideas, but ultimately I'm looking for a light/well balanced off hand rifle.
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    Powder Brand Differences

    Just getting back into shooting after nearly a 20 year hiatus- all I ever shot before was Goex and it's time to renew my powder supply. I hear great things about the Swiss powder, but I never hear anything specific. Curious what anyone who has actually tried the Swiss or the Olde...
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