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  1. Versanaut

    Replica Powder Flask Quality

    I ordered a new replica colt powder flask manufactured by one of the popular italian arms companies and sold by a popular muzzleloading retailer to compliment a new 1851 Navy and was quite disappointed in the quality. I found it contained a significant amount of what seems like coarse sand or...
  2. Versanaut

    Uberti 1851 Stuck Barrel

    Howdy all! I hope all here had a merry Christmas and are looking forward to the new year! I was fortunate to receive an Uberti 1851 Navy as a gift this year. This makes my frist BP revolver. Upon inspection, the revolver was saturated in an oil so I proceeded to disassemble for a thorough...
  3. Versanaut

    Looking for Unique Target Ideas

    I've been shooting at our clubs monthly matches for a couple years now and I'd like to contribute to the challenges we've had thus far and also gin up some new challenges. I've scoured the forum a good bit back and have gone through the postal match forum and picked up a few. So what kind of...
  4. Versanaut

    CVA St. Louis Hawkins Lock Issue

    Evening all, I am looking for help and or advice with regards to my son's Rifle. He recently saved up and purchased a NOS Left handed CVA St. Louis 50 cal flinter. There are a number of items we've run into with this gun, but the biggest one (I think) is the hammer position at half-cock. I...
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