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  1. mikemeteor

    TN rifle done

    Just finished this 50-caliber from a Wayne Dunlap blank. Any and all critiques welcome. //mike m
  2. mikemeteor

    a shot horn ?

    I don't seem to see or hear much about the use of small horns for carrying birdshot (instead of powder) for a smoothbore. Is there a safety or practical reason for this ? Or is it just me not looking hard enuff ? thanks, /mike
  3. mikemeteor

    powder horn - a little different

    Makin a 16 bore Pennsylvania fowler for a buddy, and he wanted a horn to go with it. Had some extra veg tanned leather scraps, so thought I try somethin' a little different. Can't remember if I saw this somewhere else or not. I realize this probably isn't everybody's cup a tea.
  4. mikemeteor

    Friday pics from 18th Century Artisan Show - Lewisburg PA

    Mr. Reaves Goehring wins "Best Hat" award. enjoy. /mike millard
  5. mikemeteor

    a scary story - blown up gun.

    A scary story from last weekend. A friend in WV took his Lyman percussion out to sight in prior to deer season. First cap, nothing. 2nd cap, nothing. Took nipple off and cleaned out “gunk”. 3rd cap: BOOM ! Blew up in his hands. He’s left-handed, so his right hand took the brunt...
  6. mikemeteor

    finished one, another one close

    finished a lefty .50 cal this summer (below) and dang near done with a fowler this week - both should be off to their new owners in a week or two. Blank from Dunlaps. Left handed Siler banged around to resemble an English lock - altho the success of that is debatable. Colerain barrel cut to...
  7. mikemeteor

    Damascus barrel video

    posted by Chris Treichel on "the other" forum. fascinating. I bet those fellas slept well at night. Damascus Barrel Forging
  8. mikemeteor

    Friday at Dixons - pics

    A beautiful day at Dixons - not too hot. I arrived early, spent all my money, and left by noon. Stuck a few pictures in the slide show below, including my own ugly mug with "Blackpowder Barbie" Chambers - what a friendly bunch the Chambers folks are. Also included a few shots of Long John...
  9. mikemeteor

    rejuvenate your files

    Boggs Tool i have no interest in the company whatsoever- they've been cited here many times before - but I decided to give them a try. I admit I was skeptical; I am a skeptic no longer. Wish I had a "before" pic of these files, but trust me they were auction finds and pretty beat. Now they are...
  10. mikemeteor

    acquiring lead shot for your fowler

    ...has become a problem around my state. I just ordered from here: hopefully will arrive before turkey season is over ! /mike
  11. mikemeteor

    Fowler build pics - DONE.

    I'm finally done messin' with it. This is final installment to the earlier build thread (just linked here). Fowler build pics any & all critiques welcome. this was my first from a blank and first fowler. /mike millard
  12. mikemeteor

    Fowler build pics

    Building my first fowler from a blank. New England style, steel hardware, 44" 16ga. Colerain OTR barrel. Since we're entering winter, I get restless and like to take pictures as I go, so I hope to share them here as I go. Hopefully folks can pitch in with constructive ideas, and/or new builders...
  13. mikemeteor

    just finished

    off the bench last week. more photos here CM Blog .40cal 43" A weight GM barrel. Chambers late Ketland lock. almost no sandpaper on this one - all scraped. definetly a different finish texture. All criticisms and constructive comments welcome. /Mike
  14. mikemeteor

    propane mini forge done

    Finished up my propane mini-forge this weekend. The soft firebrick is nice, but the guidance to coat it with Plistix seemed to make a big efficiency difference, altho I don't have a pyrometer yet. The uncoated firebrick would get red hot(top pic). The Plistix seems to not absorb heat near as...
  15. mikemeteor

    Pics from Dixons - Saturday

    great event as always - hot, but not as hot as last year ! Dixons Pics (Zonie, Claude: wasn't sure if this is the place for these. move if appropriate.) /mike
  16. mikemeteor

    heat treating/forge question

    I am in the process of smaking a small "one brick" gas forge for small heat-treating and forging jobs associated with building MLers. A couple hours spent with the source of all human knowledge (the internet) and about $25 worth of common materials has given me what I think is a serviceable...
  17. mikemeteor

    a visit with Virgil Campbell @ I.R.B.I. Knives

    just got back from a fishin' trip in bush Alaska, and had a day for a sightseeing trip to Seward. Stopped in at the I.R.B.I Knife shop on the way. Having lived in Alaska before, I had always heard that Virgil Campbell was "the man" when it came to custom-made knives in Alaska. I'm not a real...
  18. mikemeteor

    Mountain rifle pics

    finished this weekend. .50 Rice barrel cut to 43". Modified Chambers lefty Siler. This one's headed to Massachusetts,... my buddy swears there really are deer up there... /mike
  19. mikemeteor

    shortening barrel

    should I go stand in the corner now, Zonie ?
  20. mikemeteor

    making a TN patchbox lid catch - pictorial

    took some pics of how I do it. Probably a hundred other ways, more better and more HC/PC. I adapted this from Ken Guy's method. He's good at heat treating to make a spring - me... ahhh.. hit and miss at best. so I adapted. I start with a 16d hard cut masonry nail. Anneal it and file the head...
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