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    British Grenadier Bearskin cap

    Does anyone know where I can get one made, somebody who has been doing it a while and will make a very good example...??
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    Questions about an average soldier (Grunt)

    Questions regarding the British Soldier during the Revolutionary War: 1. On the average how many miles would a soldier march a day---I have heard of estimates between 8-25 miles a day— Yes, I know some days they didn’t march but during campaigns to and from battle to the next--- ( I may have...
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    Any contacts for Tarletons Legion?

    Looking for any contacts who portray Tarletons Legion...websites or personal email's...... trying to get more information on the Tarleton Dragoon helmet...and sword/sabre patterns....
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    British Legion Sword types used?

    Trying to find more information on the pattern-types of swords/sabres that the British Legion used----can anyone give any insight into this and of there are any reproductions being made or perhaps even someone who is custom making the patterns that were used by the BL.
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    British Legion Dragoon helmet?

    Does anyone know who can make a British Legion Tarleton Dragoon helmet? I recall there was a guy who did some work for Williamsburg at one time who I was told makes the best one..but his name escapes me now......any help would be appreciated. Also--looking for more information regarding the...
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    Any Gunfair/shows coming up??

    Never been to Dixons gun fair, I beleive that is in late july, but aside from that are there other showswhere many gunbuilders and their work come to sell/display, and when??
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    Issac Haines rifle?

    Im not sure here, but most of the Isaac Haines style of rifles are made with the 37/38" barrel length. Or I should say most reproductions that are being built have that length barrel. Would it be historically permissable/correct for a IH type rifle to have longer barrels like 42-46". One more...
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    When does a makers work become collectable??

    I was informed by a good friend of mine who has been building longrifles and the like for 30+ years that he will not longer be building rifles anymore.I have had him build me 2 rifles in the past (in fact my ony 2)and when I got the news I was really saddened, because I wanted him to build me...
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    Gunsmith wanted/Recommendations??

    Im looking for a really good gunsmith to build my next rifle. unfortunantly the guy that has built my last 2 is no longer going to be building rifles anymore (DB)--this is a BIG BLOW to the longrifle makers art. I was really saddened when he told me the news, it was like a part of me died...
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    My Quest for a Jager Rifle

    Been going on now for about 8-9 years. but now I am gonna to do it. first I need to find a builder who can make a nice one. Next question..So far I already have a .45cal and a .54cal. So with that being said, I am considering getting my jager built as a .50. I know that might seem a little...
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    Bob Lepley Contact info, anyone??

    Does anyone have the e-mail and/or tel. for Bob Lepley?
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    thoughts about adding sling to your rifle

    I know its not very common, but historically speaking, how common was it to see rifles of the day with slings on them. I have been told that when a rifle had a sling on it, that is usually an indicator that it was used for military service. I dont beleive though that this is always the case...
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    Christian Springs rifle??

    I just like calling these rifles American Jagers, but anyway....Is it basically the norm for most if not all for these type of Rifles to have the standard 37" barrel? Anyone have pics of their American jagers?? Im trying to get some ideas for my next rifle....
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    Smoothbore--which gauge??

    Im looking into getting me a smoothbore, as I do not have one yet. I have been tinkering as to which gauge I should get. Now it will be a once in a lifetime purchase, so with that said, which is the best all around gauge to get. As for hunting---Ihunt deer with my rifles of course, but I still...
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    Deer hunting with a .45??

    Been using my .54 for deer hunting for a while now, so Im going to take the .45 out and hunt with it this season instead for a change of pace. I know accuracy counts more with a .45, the .54 is a little more forgiving. My .45 is more accurate though. The only drawback to my .45 is that it has a...
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    How to color leatehr or dye leather

    Can anyone share any cheap but effective way of dying leather and aging it, with common household products, or something natural, rather than using any special chemicals?
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    Hessian grenadier units in SC

    Does anyone know if any Hessian grenadier units fought in any battles in South Carolina
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    Any trekking groups in the upstate of SC

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    Whats a good lube for rifles

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