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    My 2019 oregon elk hunt

    This was my first year ever elk hunting with a muzzloader. I've been deer hunting with a muzzloader for 10 years and usually bowhunt elk, but decided to cash in my points for a muzzloader elk hunt. Knowing I would draw the tag, I spent the last 2 years developing a load, and practicing like...
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    Sling attachment

    I'm looking into adding a sling to my GPR. I have looked at a few slings that slide off/on, but don't think I can use the gun with it on since my front sight sits fairly low. I was thinking of replacing the screw on the bottom of my butt stock that holds the metal butt plate on with a sling...
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    Wind drift?

    I was out shooting my 54 at 100 yards today, getting it fine tuned for my elk hunt this fall. The wind was blowing from left to right 0-5 constant with gusts up to 10 (my best guess). My impacts were a consistent 6 inches right. I tried to shoot only when the wind was not blowing (not sure what...
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    Thoughts on my elk load?

    After a year of barrel break in and load testing, I'm close to settling on a load for my bull elk hunt this fall. Unless my next round or two of testing produces amazing results, the load I'm going to use in my 54 GPR is 85 grains of 3f, a 535 hand cast ball, and a ticking patch with 1:7 ratio...
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    Peep sight mounting height?

    I installed my lyman 57 sight on my GPR. I lined it up with my Buckhorn sight I took off, so hopefully it's close on paper. I noticed that when I line up the sights, my cheek doesn't make much contact with the stock. I would like to have much more of my cheek on the stock, like you would with a...
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    Round ball casting question.

    I'm just getting into casting my own round balls. Using a Lee 530 mold. I've got a Lee melting pot and have been ladle pouring. I've been using wheel weights (I know they aren't the best choice, but I'm experimenting with them them). They have been running anywhere from 218-220 grains, and have...
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    Making progress!

    Over the last couple months I've been in the process of breaking in my GPR barrel so I could start load developing for this year's hunting seasons. I have asked a few questions and gotten great help, so I thought I'd post about my progress. I posted about my patches being torn and ripped. The...
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    School me on jags!

    I've got a 54 GPR. I have two cleaning/loading jags for it. One is a lyman 54 caliber jag and the other I bought from TOW. Anyways there is a noticeable size difference between the two (diameter). The larger one is from TOW. Is it normal for jags to be such different sizes even though they are...
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    (Update) What do these patches mean?

    OK I got out again today so for those who helped in my last post here are the results today. First I changed my blade on my patch knife. My first 5 shots were with a .530 ball and the same 1:5 patch. The recovered patches are similar to the ones I recovered using the .535 balls. The next 5 were...
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    What do these patches mean?

    I got in a little shooting today. I decided to pick up a few used patches just to take a look at them. I only found a few but 4 of them were pretty nasty looking while the other 3 looked normal. The top 3 are the normal looking ones and the bottom 4 are the ones that I'm concerned about. For...
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    Lifespan of ballistol/water strips?

    what's your guys experience with ballistol/water strips dying out over time? I have some strips that are coming up on being one year old, and I can no longer feel or smell the oil. I keep them in a ziploc bag. I went shooting yesterday and my groups were considerably larger than normal. It could...
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    How does head on wind affect round balls?

    I went shooting yesterday and had a steady head wind of probably 15-20 mph. I was wondering what affect does head on wind Jane on a round ball? I ask because my groups at 100 yards were considerably larger than normal. I hadn't changed anything in my load. I myself felt very steady, though there...
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    Ballistol/water patch question.

    I am in the process of making some test strips in mixture of 6:1, and 8:1 water to ballistol. I mixed them together and made sure the mixture was thoroughly mixed before I soaked the strips. When I laid them out on the rack to dry, I noticed there were areas of the strips that looked different...
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    Lyman rear peep

    I'm looking at getting a Lyman adjustable rear peep for my GPR and wondered what your guys thoughts were on that sight? I also am looking at getting a new front sight to go with it and wondered what you recommended? This will be used for hunting only. Thanks
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    .45 caliber percussion pistol

    My mom bought a 45 caliber percussion pistol (a reproduction) at a yard sale. I don't remember the brand, I can look at it when I get home, but she was told that they fired it multiple times. She wants me to try to shoot it but I have no experience with pistols. I have material for both 50 and...
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    First trip out with the new GPR

    Finally got to shoot my new gun, and boy was it awesome! I shot 3, 5 shot groups with different balls/patch combinations, and I'm impressed! Gun shot great! I did have 4 or 5 times where the cap didn't get seated enough by thumb pressure and didn't go off that first hammer fall, but fired the...
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    Which replacement ramrod?

    I'm looking at two for my GPR from trackofthewolf. One is a delrin nylon, the other is a phenolic resin. Anybody have any experience with either of these?
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    .54 brush to big?

    I bought a .54 caliber brush for my .54 caliber GPR. I went to use it and it fits so tight Ivan barely pull it out and it's only halfway in the barrel! I'm afraid if I ram it all the way down I won't get it out! Do I need to dip the brush in cleaning solution first? Or use a .50 caliber brush...
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    Finally got my gun!

    I picked up a shiny new GPR .54 percussion today, finally! During assembly I noticed it looks like I have to shave the slots where the wedge pins go. I couldn't get them in with just thumb pressure and I didn't want to tap them with a hammer. Shouldn't those fit from the factory? Also the hammer...
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    Patch material

    I hit Wal-Mart and the local fabric store with micrometer in hand, and was a little disappointed. I was hoping to get a wide variety of compressed thickness of ticking to start making patch material for when I get my gun. I only found 2 thicknesses of ticking, and 1 of denim that were close to...
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