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    Bending wax cast trigger guard question

    I do believe to anneal brass you heat it to about 500 degrees and quench it in water. Google it.
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    Need range rod recommendation

    I use a M7 50 cal jointed rod US military. And pin the “T” handled Here is a listing in eBay it is not mine.
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    Do you treat your powder horns with anything?

    What do you use? Do you oil. rub into them, coat them with any thing. I use olive oil.
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    Steady, sturdy rest....

    I use a Ctk P3 rest. only for load Development. Sight gun off the shoulder
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    Velocity chart

    There are Lyman black powder handbook on ebay
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    This is how I develop a load for my muzzle loaders.

    I use 3fffg powder in all my muzzle loaders. Test fit patch and ball by using a strip of patching material 1 ½” wide and 24” long. Lube the center of the strip and use short starter to drive it down 6” or so, and pull it back out and see what the cloth impression is like on ball. See attached...
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    Need advice on LH kit makers

    Try call them. I got one of their kits in LH years ago had it re stock once..
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    FOR SALE Lyman. 498 round ball mold

    Like new. I will pay standard shipping in lower states.
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    Flint, Steel & Tinderbox.

    Here is Mike’s web site that is still up. Mike was a great smith and historian. Tim
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    1st time figuring out a load

    This is what I have followed for patch and ball fit in barrel. I use a strip of patching lube the middle of it, push it 6” in pull it out and look at the marking on the ball
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    Rifleman Impact

    Another good resorce is The Frontier Riflemsn by Richard B LaCrosse Jr. ISBN:0-913150-57-6
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    Goex v. Pyrodex v. Triple 7

    MSDS sheets
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    A good bore light?

    A peice of aluminum of the right diameter, chuck it up in a drill And polish it up and drop it down bore and shine a light in the muzzle.
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    Flint lock flush tool

    Who makes the best flintlock flushing tools, 15/16” across flats, pinned bbl. Thanks
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    Gunsmith Samual L. Walker?

    Link to photos
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    Gunsmith Samual L. Walker?

    my email Tim
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    Gunsmith Samual L. Walker?

    Is there any place I can find this information on the web with out buying the book? I can post pictures of this gun when I get them taken. Tim
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    Gunsmith Samual L. Walker?

    Gunsmith Samual L. Walker, Greene county,Cedarville, Ohio 1857 have a bench gun made by him Tim L
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