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  1. Cruzatte

    hankering for a new smoothbore

    I have a Caywood trade gun with a 20 ga. 41 inch barrel. It's a joy to shoot. And it comes up very nicely. It weighs just a little over six (6) pounds.
  2. Cruzatte

    Shooting "Redneck" wind chimes......

    I wondered when you might just ventilate your video camera, Mark. You came close, partner.:D
  3. Cruzatte

    Blanket Wads

    I've tried it once. I'd like to repeat the experiment again and see if I get any different results.
  4. Cruzatte

    Elephant powder, how good?

    On a positive note, one fellow black powder enthusiast suggested Elephant powder would be excellent for blowing up stumps.:D
  5. Cruzatte

    Elephant powder, how good?

    My experience mirrors that of Rudyard's. The stuff was the dirtiest, most fouling stuff I've ever used. I didn't like it at all.
  6. Cruzatte

    What smoothbore would you get next?

    I'd like to attempt building one of these some day. This one was built by Mike Brooks.
  7. Cruzatte

    Flintlock Short Rifle Information.

    Take a look at this video
  8. Cruzatte

    Fusil de Chasse of love

    That is correct. In any event, I strongly advise wearing ear and eye protection.
  9. Cruzatte

    Fusil de Chasse of love

    Don't sweat it. It's in English. Whoever translated it however substituted pound for livre and foot for pied. The livre is heavier than the pound, and as you can imagine the pied is longer than the foot.
  10. Cruzatte

    Fusil de Chasse of love

    True. But a builder is going to have one heckuva time finding a left hand French lock these days.
  11. Cruzatte

    Fusil de Chasse of love

    I just checked. They're back in stock. Get 'em while you can.
  12. Cruzatte

    Fusil de Chasse of love

    No, no. There is a hollow between the socket joint of the shoulder just below the collar bone. The butt of the FDC fits right in there. While thinking this over this morning, I had a sudden realization. The Tulle Manufactory also supplied the French Marine with a musket called the Grenadier...
  13. Cruzatte

    Masters and apprentices

    Yeah, there might be. A master knows how to hide his mistakes.
  14. Cruzatte

    There are goof ups and then there are GOOF-UPs

    This is one quote worth remembering. It eased my mind when working on my recent fusil de chasse.
  15. Cruzatte

    This old fart has a new Early Lancaster

    Nicely done!:thumb:
  16. Cruzatte

    Brand New to Flintlocks - One On The Way

    Welcome to the dark side. This is the beginning. There is no turning back. Next may come a flint lock smooth bore of some kind; or maybe a pistol, or a cap and ball revolver. Here you'll find good company.
  17. Cruzatte

    Fusil de Chasse of love

    I'm left handed, and have no issues shooting the Track fusil. And yes, I did get smacked in the face a time or two until I learned to put the butt right in the pocket of my shoulder and look over the top of the barrel. There isn't as much drop to the stock as you might at first glance think.
  18. Cruzatte

    Fusil de Chasse of love

    I have that fusil. And the chunkiness is due to the barrel profile. I ordered mine with the 44" 20 ga. barrel for reasons of historical accuracy. Barrel length isn't the issue. Barrel wall thickness is the issue. Coleraine uses the same barrel profile for both their 20 and 16 ga. offerings...
  19. Cruzatte

    Bare Ball Size

    Before spending anything on a mold, you could order some .600 and .610 balls from Track of the Wolf.
  20. Cruzatte

    Bare Ball Shooting Smooth Bore

    Yes, that's exactly what is meant. Good shooting, by the way.