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  1. Sean Gadhar

    Optics Planet

    Ok 1st, yes I know Optics Planet, has vary little if any Black Powder items. But they have a lot of bags, cases, cleaning jags and other general shooting items that bleed over into our Black Powder world. I have ordered from them for years and always been happy. But from what I can tell they...
  2. Sean Gadhar

    It seems odd that I want a gully washer rain. . . but I do.

    We have been under a stage one or stage two fire ban for most of the summer. The Pine Gulch fire (139,007 acres ) is just 8 or 10 miles from here. To give you an idea, stage two you can't even smoke outside. So I haven't shot anything in weeks & haven't shot Muzzle Loader in months! Thank God...
  3. Sean Gadhar

    2020 How does your garden grow

    Well it's that time of the year again. I got a good start, if a tiny bit late, but the heat and wind have been fighting me this spring. Still. . . . Tomatoes Okra peppers beans squash corn Cucumber Potatoes in the big tubs and under the board I'm sprouting Carrots (The only way I have...
  4. Sean Gadhar

    Do you know what Gun this is?

    Got a buddy who is at an auction asking me about this Belgium .58 smoothy (And I don't know anything about smooth bores)
  5. Sean Gadhar

    Small game loops on bags

    I am adding two (maybe 3) bags to my equipment, so that I will have one bag for each of my primary Rifles. I saw the bag in the photo below and thought the small game loops (At least that's what I think they are) would be great to have on the bag for my new .32 Cal Flintlock. Are they HC on...
  6. Sean Gadhar

    See!!! I did need those extra ram rods I bought (or hanging sausage)

    I got back from Texas with 2 hogs and after butchering I made 12.5 LBs of Breakfast Sausage & 12.5 LBs of Mild Italian. That went so well this weekend My son came over and we ground up odds and ends packs of Deer and elk meat I rummaged from the freezer + some left over pork fat from the...
  7. Sean Gadhar

    How do you equip different guns? (For the field)

    Excluding Range Boxes, Truck boxes etc My question is how do you handle getting out the door with the right equipment for the right rifle? I myself have a Percussion .54 I shoot a lot, a flint .54 I shoot quite a bit, A Percussion .32 I shoot a bunch and a new Flint .32 (and 3 or 4 more ML that...
  8. Sean Gadhar

    Gun Porn

    Rock Island Armory is starting it's Sporting & Collector Auction today Thursday the 13th. 71 Muskets + who knows how many Muzzle Loader Rifles and Pistols (the don't seem to categorize for Flint and percussion so you just have to search those two words to find the smoke poles). Have fun looking...
  9. Sean Gadhar

    the new Type of ad's ?

    last night I noticed a new kind of ad, it's the one that follows you along the right margin. I know the forum needs to fund it's self, and ads are part of that. But this new type of ad is disruptive in the extreme. As I was writing a response last night whenever the ad refreshed (like every...
  10. Sean Gadhar

    FOR SALE Kennedy Manufacturing Machinist's Chest

    With all the builders on the Forum I figure some of you will know what this set is. I got it from an estate and was going to use it on my own reloading bench, but thought someone might want it more. The Gentlemen was a machinist so the two chests are Used, scratched and dinged as one would...
  11. Sean Gadhar


    I have a bear tag, but in Colorado no bait no dogs, :( So this year I resorted to trail cams for the 1st time. There are two big bear in the basin I'm going to hunt, I am in hopes that the trail cams will help me pattern what bear is feeding in what berry patch.
  12. Sean Gadhar

    Raw Beeswax use

    I was talking with a honey seller about getting local Beeswax, he said he had loads but hadn't had time to process any. Then he told me he would let me have a bunch for a few bucks if I wanted to process it myself. Anyone doing this? I watched some videos and it seems messy but not hard to do...
  13. Sean Gadhar

    Ruger Old Army 7.5" Holster fit

    As I look for a holster for my new to me ROA I am seeing a lot of holsters that say something like "FITS Ruger Blackhawk 44/45 Cal 7.5" but few that say "fits Ruger Old army" It was my understanding that ROAs are the same size (or almost) as the Blackhawk. BUT I'm not sure. Any thoughts? Is...
  14. Sean Gadhar

    Underhammer rifle Wanted (.54 cal preferred)

    I need/want an underhammer. I am looking for a Rifle to night hunt hogs. So I would actually prefer a bit of a beater rifle as long as function & accuracy are good. Seems like no mater how careful I am my night rifle gets more dings and scratches then what I carry in daylight. If you have...
  15. Sean Gadhar

    Colorado Tags are out

    I got my Bear, Buck, & Cow elk tag Wife got her Buck & Cow tag We were both skunked last year, so the Freezers will be nearly empty by this fall. Good timing if we can connect. :)
  16. Sean Gadhar

    Capt Jonathan R. Davis

    I had not heard of Capt Jonathan R. Davis, and just read of his December 29th 1854 fight in which he "killed 11 men with two revolvers and a knife" It sounds . . . well hard to believe. Has anyone found any research on this man?
  17. Sean Gadhar

    Midway USA

    I know someone did one on Midway months ago, they had a problem with round balls getting loose in the shipping box, but I couldn't find it so I'm starting anew. Man their shipping time seems 1st rate. I put in an order this morning (Sunday) about 7:30 went with economy shipping, got an e mail...
  18. Sean Gadhar

    The Possibles shop

    The Possible Shop 115 East College Blvd. #199 Roswell, NM 88201 575-625-6762 e-mail adfmayes@aol.com Placed an order with Don this AM He was a little better on price on the sight I wanted then others and a lot better then some. I also ordered 2 molds, all online at like 5 AM Got a call a...
  19. Sean Gadhar

    Pronghorn Hash

    Pronghorn Hash I don't know if I'm just lucky or what, but I have found the meat of the Pronghorns we've taken to be nearly as good as elk, often a bit better than mule deer. I made a Pronghorn pot roast :hmm: thursday night, had some for lunch yesterday, and finished it off as hash this...
  20. Sean Gadhar

    Colorado Wheellock

    Well guys, Wheel locks aren't in my Wheelhouse :haha: , but as this was found in my backyard (well about 3-4 miles from where I was Bear hunting this year and maybe 30 miles from where I sit now) I thought I would bring it to your attention. " A pistol part found in a Mesa County excavation...